Top 13 Most Important Games, EVER!

Top 13 Most Important Games, EVER!

Myst (1993)
8. Myst (1993)

Today, whenever you play a low-key, quiet puzzle game like Braid or Limbo, think back to this mysterious title that started it all. It hasn't aged well, but hopefully its spiritual successor—The Witness, by Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid—will fix that.

Final Fantasy VII (1997)
9. Final Fantasy VII (1997)

This PlayStation classic might be the high point for the RPG genre. It moved the Final Fantasy series into the next generation, and it finally stopped the confusing practice of releasing the games in Japan and the Americas with different numbers on them. Enough said.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
10. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

This game, like the equally wondrous Super Mario 64, proved that Nintendo could take its core series into the third dimension. They set a high bar for 3D console gaming right out of the gate. Arguably, that bar hasn't been cleared since.

Grand Theft Auto III (2001)
11. Grand Theft Auto III (2001)

For a fairly new game, GTAIII doesn't hold up all that well. The mission design is frustrating, the lack of checkpoints and instant restarts is infuriating, and honestly, most people will never finish it. But that's not what sets Grand Theft Auto III apart from the pack. Rather, it offered you a whole world to roam around and wreak havoc in, and countless gamers were more than happy to take Rockstar up on that.

World of Warcraft (2004)
12. World of Warcraft (2004)

True, this game failed to hook me. (See why here.) But suffice it to say that I am in the minority. After seven years and countless expansions, WoW is still going strong, and other developers are trying, with limited success, to ape the formula. For the Alliance!

Wii Sports (2006)
13. Wii Sports (2006)

No, the Wii didn't turn out to be everything we all hoped it would be. But this title brought new gamers into the fold, and it proved that motion controls could work. Now that Microsoft and Sony have released motion-control systems of their own, complete with Wii Sports knockoffs, we know that Nintendo got something right.

By Robert VerBruggen
CCC Contributing Writer

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