Games You’re Embarrassed to Play

Games You’re Embarrassed to Play

We all have a few games we like to play but don't tell people about—games that were designed with a completely different age group or gender in mind, or that everyone else just thinks are terrible. Here are eight games I enjoy but have kept silent about. Until now.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

There's nothing wrong with Kirby; plenty of us grew up with his NES and SNES classics. But even relative to other Nintendo characters, Kirby has always been targeted toward the younger set. Kirby's Adventure, for example, is far easier than any Mario game for the NES.

Games You’re Embarrassed to Play

That didn't stop me from playing Kirby's Epic Yarn all the way through and loving every second of it. There is absolutely no challenge involved, but the yarn-based art is terrific, and how could you not love controlling Kirby?

World of Warcraft

It's not fair that World of Warcraft gets saddled with so many stereotypes, but they're out there. I have to confess: Though I played WoW pretty intensely for a month or so, and even though I didn't have trouble breaking the addiction when I decided to move on to other games, I usually don't tell people about it.

Luigi's Mansion

Back when I was a senior in college, I rented an apartment with two of my friends. One of them bought a GameCube, and we made fun of him because everyone knows that GameCubes are for babies. We forgave him when he bought a Hitman game for it, but then we ended up getting hooked on Luigi's Mansion.

There's no denying that this game is designed with little kids in mind. While the art is spooky from time to time, there's nothing genuinely frightening. And the pushover difficulty makes it clear that if you're looking for a real challenge, you should go elsewhere. But we didn't mind.

Games You’re Embarrassed to Play

Turok: Evolution

This is another game I found via my roommate's GameCube. The reviewers were absolutely right to trash it: The graphics are nothing special; there are tons of glitches, including one that makes you lose weapons randomly; there aren't enough dinosaurs; the ridiculous difficulty spikes are incredibly frustrating; the story is terrible.

Games You’re Embarrassed to Play

But for whatever reason, I kinda liked it. I enjoyed the way the bad guys' heads exploded in a shower of blood, and all the weird weapons were fun to use. I wouldn't claim Turok: Evolution is any kind of classic, but it is a bit more enjoyable than it gets credit for.