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Game Villains article

Sephiroth is the physical embodiment of the perfect villain, but what about the villain you know is there, but you cannot see? What about the villain in the shadows? Hiding behind the façade of a legitimate corporation when you, as the player, could swear they are in with the devil himself. What about the Umbrella Corporation? Can you get more vile and hated than a corporation that has wiped out more than its fair share of the human race without so much as a blink of an eye?

While initial concepts of the corporation might have been paved in good intentions, the devastation their actions have had horrible repercussions. Of course, they say that the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and that is exactly what Umbrella delivered to the quaint Raccoon City. However, their ambitions did not cease there. Through the Resident Evil franchise, we have discovered several of the secret dealings of the company, yet we have yet to discover the actual figurehead behind their vile villainy. However, if Chris Redfield is the poster child hero in the games, then Albert Wesker is the poster child for Umbrella.

Game Villains article

At first, he was your partner in Resident Evil, but due to the events in the mansion, Wesker became something else. Betrayal in the truest sense of the word, Wesker did everything in his power to sweep the events of the mansion under the rug before the problem leaked, even if that meant removing Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. After his apparent demise, Wesker returned along with Chris in the hit sequel Resident Evil: Code Veronica. While revealing only bacon bites of information about Umbrella, he cemented himself as the face of Umbrella, thus demonstrating the steps they have taken in order to maintain their image. As in the case of Resident Evil 4, with the company in shambles, Wesker revealed a plan to rebuild the corporation. Therefore, we can be sure that the world has not seen the end of Umbrella.

It is not surprising either, since there are plans for new Resident Evil games in the works, that we can expect more examples of Umbrella unleashing the T-virus on several unwilling individuals, including dogs. With all of the villains in the gaming worlds, it is hard to single out just one as the best, but when you look at the mass genocide Umbrella has caused, it's easy to say that they are the vilest of the bunch. Now that it appears Albert Wesker is in charge of things, you can only expect the situation to go from worse to world of the living dead quicker than a zombie with its head blown off falls. I am certain that we will enjoy every minute of it too.

Justin Conte, Freelance Writer

One of the villains who will always stand out to me is Kerrigan from the Star Craft game and its expansion. Having been abandoned by her boss and left to be infested by the enemy Zerg, she then joins the Zerg ranks. An entire new level of depth is added when, after fighting against her, you reach a part of the story mode where she is under your control. Suddenly her motives became those you have to work towards, and you begin to see things from an entirely different side. Eventually the character realigns herself with members of the other 2 factions, only to turn on them when they can no longer benefit her.

Kerrigan is a shining example of a villain done correctly. So many gaming villains lack any sort of real motive. They simply want to conquer the world for no particular reason, and that's when any motive is even given. Kerrigan was given a level of depth though because, after being abandoned by those she trusted, it's hard to imagine her not reacting by rebelling against them. Even after being assimilated by the Zerg, hints of feelings toward Jim Raynor of the Terrans are given, and the player is led to believe that part of her human side may still be intact. It's just a shame that all these years later, we haven't seen a sequel to provide some closure to Kerrigan's story.

Game Villains article

Cole Smith, Freelance Writer

While not exactly my favorite villain in the comic books or the cartoon TV series, my favorite video game villain of all times is the Green Goblin.

The Green Goblin was brought to life in the very first Spider-man movie. He was played by one of my favorite character actors, Willem Dafoe. Who else could so convincingly play Jesus Christ, in the Last Temptation of Christ, as well as the Green Goblin? Having fleshed out the character of the Goblin in the movie, developers Treyarch were able to translate that depth to the video game character of the Goblin.

What I love the most about the Green Goblin in the video game is the quality of the A.I.'s programming. Sure he's rife with personality, hatred, madness, gadgets, and one-liners, but he's also a fantastic adversary. The Goblin is not infallible. He's not omnipotent. You get to do battle with him a few times before the ultimate face off on the bridge. The first couple of encounters are not terribly difficult, which instills some confidence in your abilities. All the time that you're fighting the Goblin, victory never seems out of reach, although the situation can change in the blink of an eye.

Even during the final battle, you feel as though you are evenly matched with the Goblin, even though you both have different abilities. The Goblin has the ability to fly and throw pumpkin bombs. Using your webs and your superhuman strength, you have to anticipate and counteract his moves. The fighting is exhilarating. It takes place on so many levels. There are no checkpoints, no trial and error, no power-ups, or linear scripted events. The combat feels natural, and it's in real time. You make strategic decisions on the fly and hope that your training throughout the game pays off with some good hits.

I never hated the Green Goblin. I didn't think he was particularly evil as he was just screwed up. He's more annoying than anything, but thanks to the developers at Treyarch, he's the villain that I most love to kick in the teeth.

Game Villains article

Greig McAllister, Freelance Writer

Of all the villains I have ever encountered and defeated, my all-time favorite villain to battle is Bowser from Super Mario 64. He is truly a grand villain. He is large and fierce and powerful and will do whatever it takes to gain the power that will allow him to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, thus making it much more satisfying when you encounter him on the battlefield.

I think my favorite thing about fighting Bowser is the manner in which you have to defeat him. In the first two encounters with Bowser, you must run around him and attempt to grab his tail, after which you proceed to swing him around and hurl him into one of the four bombs along the outside of the arena in which you duke it out with the great King Koopa. The third encounter gets a little trickier. You must again swing him into the bombs around the edge of the arena, but this time you must hit three of the four, which gets more difficult with each bomb you hit as they do not replenish.

After finally defeating him the third time, you have reached the end of the game and you, of course, get the girl after your adventures. All in all, I must say that Bowser is definitely the most entertaining boss I have ever encountered, and although I have defeated him many times already, I still enjoy battling that great villain.

Game Villains article

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