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GDC 08: Sony Recap

GDC 08: Sony Recap article

By Jonathan Marx

Sony Wi-Fi PlayStation Store

Sony has been developing Wi-Fi access to the PlayStation Store content via your PSP for quite a while, but it has not yet come to fruition. Thankfully, Sony promises that Wi-Fi support to the store will be available in the next few weeks. Once the downloadable patch has been released you'll be able to download demos, games, trailers, etc. without the hassle of wiring your portable device to your PS3 or PC.


Sony Unveils PhyreEngine Development Tools

Sony Computer Entertainment developed PhyreEngine as a free toolset and graphics engine in order to give developers a simple way to develop for the PlayStation 3. The engine will work with both OpenGL and Direct3D as well as include ongoing development support. This development tool was used in the creation of flOw, GripShift, and DiRT and will undoubtedly be used extensively for the development of Sony products.

flOw Gets a PSP Port

A test build of flOw was on display at GDC 08 and it is nearly identical to the PS3 version. Graphically the game isn't quite as sharp as it is on the PS3, but that is to be expected. In its early stages it looks as if the game is coming along quite nicely. Check back for a hands on preview in the coming months.

GDC 08: Sony Recap article

WipEout HD

A stunning trailer of WipEout HD was on hand for the attendees of GDC 08. The minute and a half trailer shows the game well on its way through development. The trailer confirms that the game will be visually stunning with full 1080p HD support running at 60 fps. There will be eight tracks to choose from and up to eight players can race online. The game will be a PlayStation Store exclusive.

GDC 08: Sony Recap article

By Jonathan Marx
CCC Lead Contributor / News Director

GDC 08: Sony Recap article
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