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God of War II Interview

Gaming Predictions for 2007 articleGaming Predictions for 2007 article

by Maria Montoro

Kratos is about to come back to the PS2!
We're happy to say that the wait is almost over. Meanwhile, don't miss CCC's interview with Cory Barlog, the game director of this highly anticipated title.
He has some very interesting things to say, read on!

CCC: It's been almost two years since the first God of War was released and we are dying to play the sequel! The first title was an exceptionally well-designed game and such a huge success that it may be difficult to beat. What are the main things you changed in God of War 2 in order to make it "better" than the first one?

Cory: Difficult to beat? Sheesh…no pressure…thanks guys. I know we have some pretty big shoes to fill, and that is partly due to what we ourselves did. But the team at Sony Santa Monica is by far one of the most talented group of people I have ever worked with, so I think they were up to the task. What did we do to make it better? We just never stopped doing what we did on the fist. We all love games, so we just made sure we were making something that we would love to play.

CCC: Kratos was quite accomplished at the end of the first game. Can you tell us a bit about the new story that we will follow in GOW 2?

Cory: Not much more than what is out there, I don't want to spoil it for you or your readers.

CCC: Will we see new characters in Kratos' world, maybe different enemies? Will some of the enemies from the first installment persist on their mission in God of War 2?

Cory: We have a bunch of new creatures and bosses in the game as well as some of the creatures from God of War.

GOW II Interview article

CCC: How about the weapons, upgrades, and such? He will still show off his adored Blades of Chaos, won't he? What else will he have? Will he upgrade his power and health by obtaining orbs that come from killing enemies, just like in the first God of War or is there a new system to upgrade weapons and powers?

Cory: Actually Kratos got the Blades of Athena at the end of the First game so he will be using those throughout the game. We are still using the same concept of orb upgrades but we are including new weapons and new magic's as well.

GOW II Interview article

CCC: Kratos was a tortured soul that just wanted to forget about the past. Along the story of GOW, his personality changes and goes into different stages of remorse, grief, and then rage and hunger for vengeance. What's his state of mind this time around?

Cory: Kratos is still a tortured man. At the end of the First game he was elevated to Godly status by Athena but the nightmares of his past, the horrible visions of what he has done were not taken away by the Gods. So he still feels a little betrayed by them, after all the work he did for them they couldn't do the one thing they promised him. That mentality kind of sets the stage for the remainder of the game.

CCC: We loved magic. It made things easier and more spectacular. Are there any new magic spells worth mentioning, just to make us even more excited?

Cory: As lame and clichéd as this sounds…I like them all. Yeah I know, not too original but it is true. We went back and forth for quite awhile figuring out which magic's to use and I think we ended up with a perfect balance to add to any play style. So depending on the situation I am in the game my magic preference changes.

GOW II Interview article

CCC: In the first game, Kratos fought the scariest looking enemies and found many ways to finish them before they would finish him off. Combo attacks were extraordinary and magic spells were a great way to combat those foes. However, some of us missed some more puzzle strategy within the game, although the puzzles that we did find were really fun. Will you have more puzzles or God of War 2 will remain mostly a hardcore action / adventure game?

Cory: We have always for a good mixture of puzzles, explorations, action, and platforming. I wanted to make sure we kept that mixture while increasing the connection with the story and the character development. I wanted to get a feeling that the puzzles all connected to the overall exploration and experience so it rarely feels like you are just stopping to do a puzzle. Of course it is really hard to have every situation feel like that, sometimes a puzzle just feels like a puzzle. But I think we did a pretty good job at always keeping the player in the moment and the story of Kratos.

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