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God of War II Interview

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CCC: Any cool bosses that we should get ready to fight, other than the amazing Minotaur we've seen on the trailers? Is there a good amount of them that we will be fighting throughout the game?

Cory: There will be a few cool bosses to fight I think. The Minotaur from the trailers is not really a boss, more of a larger type of creature you will run into several times through the game. As for the other bosses you will just have to play the game to find out, but I think the Colossus boss fight is pretty freaking sweet.

CCC: When you finish a game like God of War, unless you enjoy playing the game again at a new level of difficulty, there isn't much left to do, other than remembering those fun and remarkable times we spent playing the game. Will you have some sort of multiplayer option included in the title? Anything that will improve replayability?

Cory: No multiplayer in this one. The main focus has always been on the single player story experience. But I can say that we have put more in the game to entice you to play a few times if that is your bag.

GOW II Interview article

CCC: We know that there are so many fans of God of War that already own a PS2 that it wouldn't make sense to release the game just for a next generation console, but today's gamers are anxious to see good visuals. Not that they weren't already impressive…but can we expect to find God of War on the PS3 eventually and maybe with improved graphics, or do you consider the graphics of GOW 2 a step up from the previous game?

Cory: Well, first, yes to the second point. What we are doing with this engine in the second game is such a huge difference over what we did in God of War. It may sound like I am just cheerleading for the game, and in a way I am, but in all honesty we have really gone far beyond what we did on God of War. As far as will there be a God of War III on PS3…I am working out some story ideas but nothing is solid as of yet and there is no promise that there will be a God of War III. That is really up to how well people receive this one…people like it…I still have a job…then MAYBE we make a God of War III. Right now I'm really excited for people to play God of War II.

GOW II Interview article

CCC: God of War was incredibly successful and it has its own fan base. However, many people compare God of War to the highly acclaimed Prince of Persia trilogy games, which is a good thing. Do you find that comparison valid? Were you ever inspired by the Prince of Persia in some way or another? And… will GOW be a trilogy as well?

Cory: I think it has some merit, though when you really look at the two games closely there is not much of a comparison. I mean Prince of Persia does the whole platforming thing really well, I love that aspect of the game, but the combat never clicked with me. That wasn't really the point in Sands of Time. It was all about the exploration and the platforming…the combat was just something you did in between that stuff. This is by no means a dig on the game as I am a huge fan of Sands of Time…I just thought the series kind of fell apart when they tried so hard to make him dark and brooding. He was fine the way he was in Sands of Time. With the God of War series I think we are just getting our footing in regards to our platforming, but really that is not what the game is about, it is not about just one category or bullet point. It's about the whole thing. We really want it to be an all around action adventure game.

CCC: Anything else about God of War 2 that you would like to let us know that is interesting? We can't wait to get our hands on it!

Cory: Just that it is done and I can't wait for it to hit the shelves so people can play it!

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GOW II Interview

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