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Godzilla: Unleashed Developer Interview

Godzilla: Unleashed Developer Interview

CCC: Tell us more about the overall visual style of the game.

GUD: Godzilla Unleashed takes maximum advantage of the Wii's graphical power and audio capabilities to create a truly fantastic and apocalyptic experience. For example, the city designs in the original Godzilla game for the GameCube were fairly realistic representations and, some might say, were a little bland and lacking in a unique theme. For Godzilla Unleashed, we're creating uniquely themed city levels that reflect the post-apocalyptic storyline. Each city has been transformed by cataclysmic events brought about by giant alien crystals growing out of the earth. Unleashed also features an amazing new dynamic building destruction system that is light years ahead of what players experienced in the previous game. Striking buildings now produces dynamic damage, massive cracks, and realistic rubble. Players will be able to rampage through buildings, leaving an impressive path of destruction in their wake. Advanced rendering techniques such as Bloom and bump-mapping enhance the ambience of each scene with blinding explosions, glaring sunsets, and eye-catching terrain.

CCC: Will there be any cheat codes in the game? If so, what type of codes?

GUD: You'll just have to wait to find out.

CCC: Can you tell us anything about the characters created specifically for this game?

GUD: First of all, it was such an honor to have been granted permission by TOHO to create 2 original monsters for the game. From the beginning, we knew these new monsters had to look like they fit within the TOHO universe. We wanted them to be original and wickedly cool, but still look like they were cut from the same cloth as the existing monsters. One of the new monsters (Krystalak) was created specifically to weave in with our crystal-based Story Mode. We went over several designs with TOHO before settling on something we were all happy with.

For the second monster, we submitted about 20 original monster concepts to Atari, who then narrowed it down to their final 4 before presenting them to TOHO for approval. With their blessing, we presented the final 4 monster concepts to the public and allowed the fans to choose which one of the new monsters to be included in the game. It was a really exciting and fun process, and we were psyched to have the fans participate so much in helping us choose the new monster.

Godzilla: Unleashed Developer Interview

CCC: Are there any plans to include online multiplayer?

GUD: Without going into too much detail about multiplayer features that we can't discuss yet, I'll say that we're sticking with our very successful 4-player game style that worked so well in DAMM and StE. Four-player monster battles have always been a crucial part of the Kaiju experience. In Godzilla Unleashed, you'll have incredible flexibility to customize your multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, for now, that's about as much as we can talk about the multiplayer, and we also can't comment on online functionality.

Godzilla: Unleashed Developer Interview

CCC: Can you tell us how many game modes there are and what we can expect from each mode?

GUD: Well, I can tell you now that there will definitely be a Singleplayer Mode ("Story Mode) and a Multiplayer Mode ("Brawl"), which will come with preset setups plus the ability to completely customize matches, from military types and levels, to player attributes like speed and health regeneration rates.

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