Grand Theft Auto V: Debut Trailer Analysis

Grand Theft Auto V: Debut Trailer Analysis

Matt: I also think this story is going to spread outside of L.A.

Shelby: L.A. is huge, though. It's already split up into various cities half an hour to an hour apart from each other. And we know Hollywood is one of the locations being aped, which is around thirty minutes from LA proper.

Matt: I agree, but it seems like there were other focal points of interest that could lead to locations in other cities.

Shelby: But I think you're right. Those palm trees definitely had me thinking Palm Springs, as did the mountains.

Matt: Exactly. And the beginning of the trailer made me think of Vice City.

Shelby: Vice City? You mean as far as aesthetic?

Matt: Yeah. That's how it seemed at first, but it quickly shifted over.

Grand Theft Auto V: Debut Trailer Analysis

Josh: I think Rockstar was intentionally throwing people off with that intro.

Shelby: By the way, did you read the hobo's sign? "NEED Money for beer, pot, and hookers (at least I'm not bullshitting)."

Matt: Yeah, probably one of my favorite new signs.

Shelby: Have any of the past GTA games really differentiated between the less fortunate and more opulent parts of town? Because this trailer's showing convincing alleyways with little shanty-town type things.

Matt: I don't know. But did you notice that the license plate on the cop car is from San Andreas?

Josh: The Pest Control van has San Andreas plates too.

Shelby: Yeah. Most of the cars have San Andreas license plates. They all do, in fact.

Josh: That would make sense, since San Andreas is the name of the fictional state that these cities are set in. Los Santos is the city, which I believe is the setting, or at least a portion of the setting, of this game. There's an ad on a fence for Muscle Sands in Los Santos too.

Shelby: I saw a military jet. There's a military base in El Segundo, California called Los Angeles Air Force Base. If San Andreas is the GTA equivalent of California, the jet could be a reference to that.

Matt: And then there's the Los Puerta Fwy ramp exit.

Shelby: Of note: the license plates have different numbers. That's an "upgrade" from GTA IV.

Matt: Speaking of upgrades, the graphics seem to be an upgrade, at least concerning the environments. I'm not so certain on the characters.

Shelby: Yeah, those are some incredible textures. The characters look a little less rigid than the GTA IV ones did, too. I think they have more natural shapes, but that could have more to do with the design team than any engine upgrade.

Matt: I think the shapes look great, but in this early stage, I think maybe the faces aren't as clean yet.

Josh: I'm wondering who this tattooed guy is, running from the police chopper at the end of the trailer.

Matt: The guy running in the alley? He looks like CJ from GTA: San Andreas. But this could all be my imagination and desire to see past characters show up.

Shelby: CJ's a possibility. And this game definitely seems to be set either in the 90s or later.

Josh: I remember hearing a rumor that GTA V would take place in the "turn of the century." That would put us in a 1999/2000 timeline.

Shelby: That'd work. The skyscrapers, the construction, the fact that the protagonist can afford a big house during the housing bubble and the economic wellspring of the tail end of the Clinton administration.

Josh: I'm pretty sure this guy could buy a house no matter what the market was like.

Shelby: On second thought, the "for sale" sign this guy's hammering into the yard out front of his house is a foreclosure one.

Josh: Oh wow. So this could be today, or within the past five years or so.

Shelby: Very easily. The design of the sports cars is maybe about five years old, too, don't you think? They're rounded, but don't have that almost futuristic style companies have been going for lately. The little angular bits are missing.

Grand Theft Auto V: Debut Trailer Analysis

Matt: I'm thinking this is the turn of the century.

Shelby: What makes you say that?

Matt: The foreclosure signpost, the car models, and the general posturing of the people shown in the trailer. It all seems to echo that time period.

Shelby: We need to get a tattoo artist in here to analyze the one guy's ink. Maybe that'll date it for us.

Josh: Or a car expert to analyze the makes of the vehicles.

Shelby: Or that. So, anyway, the music sounds familiar, but I can't place it.

Matt: It's "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" by a band called Small Voices. It's from 1968.

Josh: Wow. How did you identify this song so quickly?

Matt: Because I am an enigma wrapped in a shell of musical knowledge. Also, Google is my friend.

Shelby: I'm just incredibly excited about the distinct license plates thing. And the possibility of commandeering a military jet has me excited too.

That wraps up our conversation. Stay tuned to Cheat Code Central, as we reveal more Grand Theft Auto news as it comes in.

By Matt Walker, Josh Wirtanen, Shelby Reiches
CCC Contributing Writer

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