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Grand Theft Auto IV - 2nd Trailer Analysis

GTA IV Trailer #2 Analysis article

Devin Finley, Freelance Writer

June 29, 2007 - After watching the GTA IV trailer about 15 times (only pausing to write this so I can watch it more), here's my take on the new GTA. As usual, it looks like Rockstar will hit us with a SOLID plot line, something that we really want to continue playing the game to see where our character is coming from, and going to. We're given the usual anti-hero on what seems to be a path of redemption, regardless of what it takes to get there. Murder, robbery, grand theft, arson, disturbing the peace, possession of weapons, speeding, evading arrest, breaking and entering, reckless endangerment - all in a days work. Niko, our anti-hero, is searching for his "special someone" in GTA's latest trailer. Whether he is acting out of vengeance or retaliation we've yet to see, but we can be sure he isn't looking for his long lost love, and we can also be sure that his 'special someone' does not have a bright future in store for them, at least not while Niko is alive.

GTA IV Trailer #2 Analysis article

From hanging off of choppers, to holding on to the back of a moving truck with gravity in full effect (meaning your feet fly to the side as you struggle to hang on to a moving vehicle) to jumping out of moving vehicles, this game has it all. Out of bullets? Not a problem, simply run your (well someone's) vehicle into something ignitable, take for example, a gas station. Diversion created, no bullets needed. We are unsure whether or not the subway or metro link will be available to ride, but it is in motion in the game trailer. We're also unsure why Rockstar felt it necessary to give Niko a helmet while riding motorcycles, but it will add to the realness of the game. The fact that Niko is wearing a helmet gives us clue as to where the new location is set, but there is much more impressive ways to see where we are this time around.

Rather than a mock image of what would be New York, this New York looks like the real thing, as if they graphed the city rather than sampled it. I must say that the shading in this trailer impressed me. Instead of shadows being nonexistent, circular or blocky, they resemble objects and movements perfectly. The reflective imaging is also notably impressive; the images in your mirror or reflecting off your motorcycle helmet are almost better than the real thing. Any object you would expect to reflect in real life reflects in the game according to our trailer. From the rust on the buildings under ducting, to the trash accumulating under the bridges, this trailer is by far the best trailer I've ever watched. The level of realism in this game impresses me every time I watch the trailer, from moss accumulating at the base of the bridge, rust on the side railing, to simpler minor dings and scratches on the wall. It is clear that Rockstar means business; and in GTA, business is everything.

GTA IV Trailer #2 Analysis article

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