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Grand Theft Auto IV - 3rd Trailer Analysis

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

Are you ready to snatch vehicles in high def? If you have the same mindset as the average gamer, there aren't many things that you're anticipating more than the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, a huge title that is without a doubt one of the most desired games releasing in 2008.

CCC's biggest GTA fans take a good look at the new trailer Rockstar delivered. What can we expect? (by D'Marcus Beatty)

After a debilitating delay and an equally hurtful dearth of new information on the game, Rockstar has finally graced us with the third and final trailer. While the two-minute long (double the length of the previous ones) trailer may have been worth the wait, it will make the time between now and the game's release that much more difficult to bear.

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

The trailer opens with Niko arriving in Liberty City and quickly discovering that his cousin hasn't been honest as to his financial situation. The first part of the trailer eases you into the world of GTA IV, giving us a glimpse of some of the new characters we will meet and interact with. The music, a Russian rap track called Ring King by artist Serjoga, matches pace with the trailer superbly, lending a feeling of intensity to the action. Around halfway through the trailer, Niko's cousin is hiding in a dumpster, claiming that they are being followed, although Niko is dubious. However, it appears that Roman's fears were correct, as the remainder of the trailer has an action-movie feel with sequences showing Niko being tied up, beaten, fired at, and eventually physically coerced into working with a group of dangerous looking individuals, although Niko doesn't appear too worried. With his casual and almost jocular attitude despite the threat of death, he proves his cool factor to us long before the game launches.

The incredibly detailed graphics, the high energy of the music, the sense of danger and urgency conveyed by the pacing…all these elements blend to create a trailer that reestablishes GTA IV's place as most anticipated title of the coming year. We at Cheat Code Central are going to break this awesome trailer down, scrutinizing different aspects of the trailer that has blown away almost everyone that has seen it.

The following analyses take a fine comb over the latest trailer, looking for clues that might elude the unassisted eye. We're looking at the new characters revealed by the trailer, the superb voice acting, and the possibilities of gameplay…anything that might give us a clue as to what we can expect for Grand Theft Auto IV and make our wait even harder to endure.

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

When will GTA IV be released? What could "Move Up, Ladies" possibly mean? (by Devin Finley)

After nearly two months since the original launch date in October of 2007, a new launch date for Grand Theft Auto IV has yet to be announced. We know now that Rockstar North is aiming for February to May of 2008. They do not feel that missing the Christmas deadline will hurt the sales. They would rather push off the release date and temporarily upset the gaming community, than release the game prematurely forever ruining the GTA image. After failing to deliver the first time, Take2 does not intend to let fans down again. Rockstar North will not announce a release date until they believe the game is ready and are sure they can commit to the given date.

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

While patiently waiting, Rockstar delivers us the third GTA IV trailer, "Move Up, Ladies." This trailer is our first insight into Niko's life. Unlike before, we are introduced to many real (yet nameless) faces we expect to see throughout the game. Though the title is spoken briefly during the trailer, we have to expect that there is some underlying meaning in its words. Judging by the trailer, Niko quickly arises as the head of his petty crime family in New York. Following the trail of empty shells and blood left behind from Niko, we can expect that "Move Up, Ladies," is a statement to those standing in his way in his rise to power, or to find his "Special Someone." Move Up, Ladies give us more than "Looking For That Special Someone" and "Things Will Be Different." Instead of showing us new gaming aspects or a glimpse of our heroine, Move Up, Ladies gives us our first view into Niko's life and lifestyle in New York. This trailer seems light years away from "Things Will Be Different" where Niko hopes the new world will free him of his violent past.

Read on! Check out the rest of the analysis, screenshots, and the new GTA IV trailer!

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