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Grand Theft Auto IV - 3rd Trailer Analysis

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

While all this potential play has me conjuring up images of a sweet pole-dancing mini-game (c'mon, would you put it past Rockstar?), what really got my pulse racing was the amazing footage of Niko's more violence-fueled activities. The second half of the trailer teems with scenes of him firing guns and fists, supported by amazingly realistic animations and a level of polish yet to be seen in the series. As much as I've enjoyed the previous GTAs I've always been slightly disappointed in the franchise's quantity-over-quality approach; the variety-focused play has always been wildly addictive, but some of the mechanics--especially the gunplay and fisticuffs--have not matched that of other games. Rockstar has already been pretty vocal about revamping the shooting and targeting--complete with a duck-and-cover system and improved free-aiming--so I wasn't too surprised to see Niko popping rounds with the ease and elegance of a big screen action star. But, what really impressed me were the cuts of Niko turning some thug's face into bloody hamburger via what appeared to be a series of combo-heavy punches and kicks. If the fighting plays as good as it looks, I look forward to holstering my weapons in favor of some good old fashioned fist-meet-face justice.

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

Towards the end of the traile,r a character pleads with Niko "Stop shooting people, you maniac!" The line nicely sums up what Rockstar's driving at with this third glimpse into next year's biggest game; this is a GTA game, so you'll get to see and hear a great story, complemented by engaging characters and pretty environments, but a focus on over-the-top violence and variety-filled gameplay will keep your thumbs just as busy as your eyes and ears. Trailers can be deceiving; I'm out ten bucks and two hours because a trailer suckered me into thinking Hitman would be a good movie. However, the combination of Rockstar's resume and the amazing potential hinted at in this recent glimpse of GTAIV has me counting the days till my next trip to Liberty City.

GTA IV, a whole new melody. Wait, is that Niko I hear? Will GTA IV be like music to our ears? (by Matthew Walker)

The sounds of the GTA series have went from being somewhat hokey or ridiculous to an amazing addition to the franchise. I speak from personal experience when I say that I know people that picked up GTA III just to hear the humorous antics on the radio station. Couple that with some of the most decade defining music, and you have yourself a winning formula for one of the most controversial series that has hit thus far.

In addition to the winning soundtrack form, the game's voice acting was also equally phenomenal, with big name stars, such as - Ray Liota, Samuel Jackson, and Jenna Jameson lending their voices to bring the characters to life. Thus far, it appears that GTA IV will be no exception to riveting voice-overs and an equally appealing soundtrack. We have already had two trailers confirm this but in the latest trailer, "Move Up, Ladies," this has been driven home even harder than it was before.

GTA IV Trailer #3 Analysis article

With the first two trailers, there was a definite homage to mob mythology and a hint or two of Russian influence with the soundtrack. Right from the start of this trailer, Rockstar slams down the tagline that things will be different again. A rhythmic beat mixed with a few rock guitar elements and the pacing of the trailer was set. The music alone was enough to increase the mentality of fans waiting for this game to finally hit. The music might have been a little better if they had continued the hypnotic beats of the first two trailers, but with the setup in this trailer needing to be fast, they nailed it almost to perfection. It would have been nice to hear the lyrics of the music a little more, since you could barely hear them over the dialogue, but I assume we might hear that track again in the future.

Speaking of the dialogue, there was not really any additional leaks about the game that slipped through. Except for a secure sense that Niko Bellic will be like most of the other protagonists in the GTA series, wanting to get to the top and will do whatever he needs to, even if that means being forced to do things. Aside from a couple instances where the dialogue seemed to come off as a little dry or scripted, the delivery was as impressive as the soundtrack.

While we may not know how well the finished product will be in the end, one thing is for certain; if the soundtrack and voice-overs are going to be as good as in the trailers, then we definitely have a welcome addition to the series. My only fear is that the "Welcome to America" line that was used a couple of times will be used throughout the game itself. We shall have to wait and see how the sounds of GTA IV shape up and how often bad dialogue is used.

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