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Grand Theft Auto IV - First Details

GTA IV Trailer Analysis article

March 30, 2007 - Rockstar has been teasing us for some time over the latest installment into the GTA series. For weeks, the website for the game has just displayed the Roman Numeral IV and a countdown ticker. It is hard to determine when the last time this much excitement was generated over a single title. Well, the wait is finally over and wow - this game looks awesome.

GTA IV Trailer Analysis article

The opening of the trailer gives the viewer the relaxing over-tone of a crime noir film. From the first shot of the subway train, you know that "Things will be different." From this point on, the trailer moves you through what is obviously Liberty City, although it seems that the faux New York has received a massive makeover. Liberty City resembles New York City a lot more than it did in previous GTA games. Rockstar even appears to have captured the essence of the hustle and bustle of New York City for the new and improved Liberty City. When watching the trailer, you really feel like you are preparing for the next great summer blockbuster film, especially when the tempo of the music picks up, the shots of the environments whiz by, and even the NPCs start speeding along the streets of the city.

At one point in the trailer, you almost forget that you have not even seen who the protagonist will be this time around. Once the thick Russian accent bleeds over the music, you remember one of the reasons you were watching the trailer. The camera pans out and there he is - the new character. Every characteristic of him is Russian, right down to the way his beard is cut. His words, "Life is complicated. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different," give a hint to what the story of the game will be like. Apparently, the story will unfold around the fact that he is trying to change his life, and the move to Liberty City might help. However, we know this will not be the case. As the character walks along the bridge, the camera switches to a sunset lit skyline of Liberty City by the waterfront and then the Roman Numeral IV fades in as the screen fades to black.

This sounds all great, but what did we really see? A whole lot of goodness for gamers, to put it simply. Instead of making you read every little thing I noticed about the trailer, both good and bad, I have comprised a highlights list to pinpoint some of the more impressive things you might have missed.

GTA IV Trailer Analysis article

  • The detail is astounding. In the opening sequence, you can actually see the individual air conditioning units emitting vapor into the air. To further display the impressive detail, the above ground subway train is decorated with graffiti. The reason that this stood out to me is the graffiti looks individualized instead of just a repeated style. The detail seems endless - even down to the cracks in the sidewalks, the faulty, pothole filled streets, and the leaves on the trees around Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

  • As stated earlier, I could go on and on about the resemblances to New York, but I wanted to stress this a little further. Just in the trailer, you can see highly detailed renditions of the Flat Iron building, the MetLife building (titled the GetaLife building with Rockstar's classic satire), even an accurate replica of Times Square with Rockstar's own brand of advertisements. Some of the advertisements that will catch your eye are for E-Cola (Coke), Sprunk (Sprite), and an advertisement for America's Next Top Hooker - an obvious parody of America's Next Top Model.

  • The vehicles seem to be more detailed and are varied this time around. There are trucks and cars and although the trailer did not show any motorcycles I am almost certain they will make another appearance. Of course, there have always been vehicles in GTA, but in a few cases, you could actually say what the make and model of the vehicle was without straining this time around. The vehicles appear that they will react to highly detailed roads, as well. In at least two instances, you can see a car adjust according to the dips and grates it travels over. Early on in the trailer, Rockstar shows us a car driving over a metal plate, probably put there intentionally to showcase the realistic driving reaction of the vehicles.

    GTA IV Trailer Analysis article

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