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Grand Theft Auto IV - First Details

GTA IV Trailer Analysis article

  • The lighting of the game is definitely something that needs to be talked about. Granted, this could have probably been talked about in the graphics highlight, but the lighting will blow you away on its own. From the swirled rays of light in the clouds, to the shadows dancing along the Grand Central Station stained glass dome, which, if paused just right you can see the shadow of IV sprawled across it. The reflections on the glass windows of the surrounding skyscrapers further highlight the impressive lighting detail.

  • Even with the graphical upgrade, the game is still distinctly Grand Theft Auto. When we are shown the protagonist's face, it is much more detailed than any other GTA before it, yet somehow it still retains the distinct GTA angular facial structuring. In addition to that, all of the various billboards and signs have the classic GTA humor intact, with advertisements for familiar GTA products as well as some new ones.

  • There is at least one thing that I did notice that hinders what I felt overall, even if only slightly. In at least one scene of the trailer, you can see that one of the NPC's, a girl carrying groceries, looks a little box like around the shoulders. Additionally, the forearm of the same girl looks like a cylinder shaft that does not appear to be fully attached to the hand holding the bag she is carrying. Although, overall, the NPC's look much improved to other versions of GTA. Each character seems more individualized as well with their own personalities. A good example of this is when a driver earlier on in the trailer actually adjusts his rear view mirror as he cruises down the street.


    Overall, the trailer was stunning, but little to no gameplay details were revealed. At this point, anything said about the gameplay would be conjecture. Rockstar was intentionally vague on the story and gameplay details and the trailer was obviously a teaser, so I expect that there are more details to come, including online capabilities and the hopefully the possibility of multiple environments. Considering that it is a given that the first trailer is taking place in Liberty City, the setting for GTA III, we can either expect to visit a newly revamped Vice City (a billboard even advertises a trip to Vice City) and San Andreas in GTA IV or in the following iterations. While cramming multiple cities into the game seems unlikely, especially considering the detail that has gone into the revamped Liberty City, Rockstar has surprised us before. Revisiting Liberty City makes one thing abundantly clear though: Rockstar is rebuilding the GTA series from the ground up, beginning with their starting point, and this is just the beginning.

    GTA IV Trailer Analysis article

    There is much more to the trailer and I am certain that I could go on for pages concerning the minuscule details, like the variously shaped and sized newspaper machines or the realistic looking and sounding seagulls by the ferry and Statue of Liberty, but in order to fully experience the beauty of the game trailer, you should check it out for yourself. Just be sure to visit the Rockstar site for the best quality in both visuals and sounds of the game. Like always, keep checking back with us, as we are confident that now that the first trailer has been revealed, actual gameplay details are soon to follow.

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