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Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

Most of us love to be scared... in the comfort of our homes, our movie theater seats, or on a roller coaster ride. As long as we have that curtain of safety, shielding us from any true danger, we enjoy a good thrill from time to time, and this extends even to the field of gaming. Survival horror works for action games, FPS titles, and even the occasional online MMORPG, and our list outlines the unlucky number 13 games of 2007 that scared us, spooked us, grossed us out, or just thrilled us a little.

1. BioShock (Xbox 360, PC)

BioShock is already a frontrunner for "2007 Game of the Year." Its unique mixture of FPS elements, RPG like growth, and intense storytelling make it a game that must be experienced firsthand. The relationship between the creepy and tragic Little Sisters with the deadly and devoted Big Daddies makes for one of the most interesting dynamics in gaming to date, and BioShock's incredible visuals add to the game's appeal. Would you kindly agree? Oh, and hand me that wrench too.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

2. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (Wii)

Resident Evil 4 is still the best game in the series, taking survival horror to an unprecedented level for the RE games. The President's daughter has been kidnapped, and it is up to Leon Kennedy, the unlucky cop from RE2, to rescue her. Leon has already proven his worth against slow, plodding zombies, but how will he fare against the quicker, smarter Las Plagas? Remade for the Wii, RE4 is as great as it ever was, but now with the added benefit of the Wii's motion sensing controls, making this the definitive version of the game to get.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

3. Manhunt 2 (Wii, PS2, PSP)

Manhunt 2 takes the title of the most controversial game of 2007 by earning one of gaming's first AO ratings. The sequel to Rockstar's "murder simulator", Manhunt 2 puts you in the shoes of escaped mental patient Daniel Lamb as he takes revenge on those who deemed him insane. The stealth based attacks are so gruesome that the game earned the aforementioned AO rating before Rockstar "toned down" the violence. Even with revisions, Manhunt 2 promises to be one of the most graphic, grisly games of 2007, and might quite possibly be the goriest game ever.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

4. The Darkness (Xbox 360, PS3)

Based on the comic series of the same name, The Darkness places you in the shoes of Jackie Estacado in a war against his criminal uncle, who, coincidentally, is also the leader of the mob. He sends waves after waves of hitmen to finish you off, but luckily, you've discovered that an entity called the Darkness resides in you, giving you powers beyond normal men. The Darkness powers set this game apart from other FPSes, giving you the ability to sic demons on foes, blindside enemies with your Darkness tentacles, and even devour enemies' hearts. With all of this going for it, The Darkness is a dark game indeed, although a fun ride.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

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