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Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

5. Hellgate: London (PC)

What if the denizens of Hell overran the Earth? Would we be able to fight back? Who would lead the charge? Hellgate: London attempts to answer these questions, with the London Underground being the only place safe against the demonic threat.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

The sects of the Templars, the Cabalists, and the Hunters are leading the rebellion against the demons in this FPS-RPG hybrid. With the ability to play with others online to beat back the demon hordes, Hellgate: London is a reason to battle evil with your friends and have a good time doing so.

6. F.E.A.R. (PS3)

F.E.A.R. stands for the First Encounter Assault Recon, although the anagram applies perfectly to the emotion that you will feel when playing through this game. F.E.A.R. puts you in the role of a member of this squad, while hunting a cannibalistic psychic that controls an army of drones with the power of his enhanced mind. While the odds seemed stacked against you, your character does have heightened reflexes which allows you to slow down time to take out your foes. The game is fast paced and intense, and coupled with the "hallucinations" that occur during gameplay, F.E.A.R. becomes a fearful experience.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

7. Jericho (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

The horrormaster Clive Barker is behind this game, which tells the tale of an evil more ancient than anything. To combat this threat, a special ops team, all gifted with supernatural abilities, works in unison to prevent the evil from overrunning the earth. Jericho sets itself apart from the normal FPS by giving the player the ability to possess each party member, giving you access to their unique skills and abilities. Add in the disturbing enemies that only Barker's mind could come up with and you have a game worthy of many sleepless nights.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

8. Bullet Witch (Xbox 360)

There aren't many games available that allow you to play as a witch, but more than likely there is only one game that has a witch protagonist with a broom that doubles as a gun. Cool concept, right? Alicia, the heroine of Bullet Witch, is burdened with the mystical powers that label her as a witch, but instead of the cackling, green-skinned, wart-nosed variety, she is attractive, dynamic, and confident. She is tasked with protecting a much diminished humanity from the threat of underworld monsters with a mixture of her magic and her "boomstick-broomstick".

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

9. Dead Head Fred (PSP)

How many protagonists can say they literally lost their head? Dead Head Fred can, and he's hunting for the people responsible. Fred Neuman was a private eye who was killed by unknown assailants, and with the help of Dr. Steiner, he's been revived sans head. In place of his head, the doctor placed a jar with Fred's brain and eyes on his shoulders, and Fred can find and swap other heads, taking on the attributes of the head he's currently wearing as he attempts to solve the mystery of his own murder. Its unique and solid story along with the weird but innovative premise give Dead Head Fred its fun factor and its place on this list.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

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