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Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

10. Dementium: The Ward (DS)

Dementium: The Ward brought survival horror done right to the handheld market. Dementium plays upon a number of fears, placing the player in an insane asylum…in the dark… in the rain… against weird zombie-like creatures.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

This survival horror FPS game has all of the scare power of its console big brothers, but pocket sized and portable. With great visuals, incredibly spooky sound effects, and intense FPS gameplay, Dementium: The Ward is portable survival horror done correctly.

11. Touch the Dead (DS)

Touch the Dead asks you to do what its title claims, which is truth in advertising. The protagonist must make his way through hordes of zombies and undead, and since the game is on the Nintendo DS, you use the stylus and touch the undead foes to shoot them. The game is fast paced and exciting, with intense firefights to survive the armies of the undead, and the use of the touch screen is intuitive.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

12. Escape from Bug Island (Wii)

Bugs are one of humanity's biggest little fears. Many people are afraid of spiders that are so small in comparison to ourselves they seem insignificant. How then, would we react if we were confronted with bugs that were many times our own size? Escape From Bug Island puts your protagonist on an island with huge insects and you must use your Wii motion sensing abilities to smash, thrust, and shoot the bugs with your various melee weapons and firearms.

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

13. Vampire Rain (Xbox 360)

Vampires are one of the most romanticized creatures in horror, with the undead bloodsuckers taking on a mystic allure that is unique to them. Vampire Rain attempts to add to that mythos by combining the vampire myths with stealth action, giving the hero, Lloyd, necrovision goggles to discern vampires from normal humans and allowing him to sneak up and destroy the nightwalkers, making him a strange blend of Simon Belmont and Solid Snake. Simon Snake? Solid Belmont perhaps?

Halloween 07: 13 Deadly Games article

By D'Marcus Beatty
CCC Lead Contributor / News Director

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