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Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies

Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies article

Halloween is a fabled holiday in my house. The kids dress up and do the trick or treat thing. Then my friends and I sit around the television and watch some of our favorite Horror films of the past and some new ones that might be worthy in the coming years. To celebrate the theater givings of this year and past years, CheatCC has compiled a list of some of this year's best and what should be required viewing on All Hollow's Eve.


Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies article

Halloween (2007):

Filmmaker Rob Zombie helms the retelling of a horror classic. Instead of flashing forward to the fatal evening Michael Meyers returns home, Rob Zombie delves deep into the psychosis of the brutal killer.

Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies article

Hostel 2:

The sequel to the film that had people leaving the theater in ambulances. This time centering around a group of girls taking a trip where they shouldn't have been. Crossing the line of torture every step of the way.

Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies article

28 Weeks Later:

Another sequel based on the surprise hit 28 Days Later. It has been 28 weeks since the rage virus has been obliterated, and survivors have begun returning home. However, the virus may not be completely gone.

Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies article

Planet Terror:

One part of the Grindhouse double feature, Planet Terror tells the tale of an eclectic group of people trying to survive a new kind of undead plaguing their town. Made in the veins of classic B movie horror flicks, Planet Terror has something for nearly all horror fans.

Halloween 07: 13 Lucky Movies article

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