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Halo 3 Interview

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: How many total multiplayer maps are in the final game?

BJ: Halo 3 will ship with eleven multiplayer maps. One, Last Resort, is a re-imagined version of Last Resort from Halo 2. The other ten are all completely new to Halo 3.


CCC: What kind of new equipment can we expect?

BJ: Halo 3 will offer a variety of equipment to use across the campaign or in multiplayer matches. The Bubble Shield, Grav Lift, Energy Drainer and Jammer are a few examples.

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: Looking at the Achievement Points for the game, what do you have to do to be awarded MVP? Is it the most kills or a mixture of accomplishments?

BJ: The MVP award is dependent on the gametype you are playing. In Slayer style games, it will go to the person with the most kills.

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: Can you describe the metagame?

BJ: Campaign Scoring is a new way to experience the game by keeping a running score for every enemy you kill throughout the campaign. Players can compete against each other in co-op play by trying to earn the most points possible. Achieving headshots, grenade sticks and adjusting factors such as the difficulty level and skulls are all ways to increase your scoring potential.

CCC: Can you give us any details on the mysterious terminals in the Achievements?

BJ: We're not going to spoil anything regarding the terminals - our fans will have to solve the mystery on their own!

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: Are there going to be cheat codes in the game? What kind of codes can we expect?

BJ: Like the first two Halo games, Halo 3 will not include any cheat codes. However, there are a variety of hidden skulls that can be obtained throughout the campaign and each skull will allow you to change the game experience - sometimes in radical ways.

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