Looks Like We’ll Have To Wait On That Whole Handheld FPS Thing

Looks Like We’ll Have To Wait On That Whole Handheld FPS Thing

However, the silver lining here (at least for Activision) is that Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified now has the potential to become the first good handheld, twin-stick FPS. But even if Declassified is complete trash, Burning Skies already beat it to the garbage receptacle. We'll always have that "At least it wasn't as bad as Burning Skies" thing we can mention if CoD's first Vita outing is an embarrassment.

Still, it's too bad that the game was abysmal enough to be a permanent black mark on the handheld FPS. It's like that one speeding ticket you got back in high school that haunts you whenever someone brings up your driving record, or that one stats class that you almost failed first semester that has been murdering your GPA for your entire college career.

I mean, it's hard to deny that the basic premise has a lot of potential. I mean, a competitive shooter you can take on the go. Awesome, right? I guess what I'm trying to say is that Black Ops Declassified has a chance to redeem the newly formed subgenre, but I don't feel all that comfortable having all the handheld FPS eggs in the Call of Duty basket.

Looks Like We’ll Have To Wait On That Whole Handheld FPS Thing

My prediction: Call of Duty: Declassified is in a position to pave the way for the handheld FPS. Unfortunately, it almost has to come with a disclaimer that warns: "We're not like that other FPS you sold back to GameStop just two days after purchasing it. No, this one has some staying power."

Then again, it's not like Call of Duty is struggling to get people's attention at this point. People are going to buy Declassified no matter what. I just feel sad having to admit that the very first halfway decent handheld, twin-stick FPS might be a CoD game rather than something a bit further off the beaten path.

And I'm especially bummed that what was most likely the final Resistance game ever plays the series out on such an embarrassing note.

Josh Wirtanen
Editor / News Director
Date: July 19, 2012

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