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Hilarious Gaming Moments

Hilarious Gaming Moments article

Philip Hanan, Freelance Writer

Humor is an extremely unique part of being human, and when game developers started placing humorous situations in games, I believe they helped link humans to games and made video games more realistic. Different gamers enjoy different kinds of humor. I love situational humor the most.

Let's take a look back to one of my favorite RPGs ever made: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. I was strolling through the town one day on my GameBoy when I saw video game animals strolling around for the first time ever in a game. I had never seen a moving creature in the Zelda series before that I couldn't whack. I was curious what the creature's reaction would be to a hit, so I stabbed it. I thought I better try one more hit as most LoZ creatures require 2 hits to be destroyed. Nothing happened. So, I stabbed 3 more and realized that it wouldn't die. What wouldn't? Zelda fans know. It was a chicken.

Hilarious Gaming Moments article

Now, I know I was irresponsible, and animal rights activists are probably going to march on my lawn for saying this, but I wondered how much programming went into designing this chicken. I stabbed it repeatedly for 30 seconds or so. Then, I felt like Link was stuck in an Alfred Hitchcock film. Flocks of birds started pecking my head, and I ran around in circles trying to avoid it. I felt the wrath of what I had done. I stabbed a chicken, and chickens pecked my head in. Somehow, this was funny. I suppose it wasn't the situation, but it was the fact that Nintendo had spent so long just programming a chicken response in the game.

I formally apologize to the public. Violence against chickens of any kind isn't funny. Neither is having your head pecked in. I was so immature at age 12. Today, I live responsibly. I know which video game situations are funny, which are harmful in real life, and which rot the human mind. Now, I only laugh at driverless Burnout cars when they are forced to move out of my way. I try to help the chicken cross the road in Freeway. I live my life devoted to chicken rights. I love chickens. I love their looks.....their caws.....and their meat. Mmm.......Meat......Tender, juicy meat I could just stab a dagger in and eat.......or stab several times if it's undercooked. Okay, maybe I still stab chickens, but they're all dead. I don't stab live chickens in real life or in games. May Cuccos live peacefully with Gorons, the rock eaters, for the remainder of their lives.

Amanda Kondolojy, Freelance Writer

Personally, I think the funniest moments in gaming come from glitches. Some are rather frustrating and annoying, and we've all been there, But I'm talking about the animation and cinema scene glitches that are just so painfully bad that they're funny.

I have to say that the funniest glitch in a game that I've come in contact with is a pretty big one that occurs in a cinema scene at the end of the Wii version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The scene comes at the very end of the game, and you are supposed to believe that Prince Zuko, one of the main badguys, has drowned in a river. However, after you beat the final boss, you get a shot of Zuko, going down the river. But something seems to be wrong. Instead of swimming or flailing his arms about to save himself, Zuko is standing on top of the water, straight as an arrow, and skating along the surface. Now I don't know how many of you are Avatar fans out there, but if you're not familiar with the series, trust me Zuko is no god. He shouldn't be able to skate on a babbling brook. Then once that part of the cinema scene is over, you see him wash ashore all drenched in the water he was supposedly drowning in. Wonder how that happened with all his demi-god powers?

Another, more recent glitch that's also pretty funny happens in the PlayStation 3 version of Spider-Man 3. There's a mission towards the middle of the game where you have to chase a speeding van. As the van goes along, it makes its way through a crowded street, just bustling with pedestrians. Now instead of braking like a good driver would do, the van just barrels in there like it has nothing to loose. You would think this would mean a big ol' splat for the pedestrians, but instead the car just runs right through them, and they come and go through the van all in one piece. My only conclusions here were that the people who inhabit the Spider-Man universe are either made of anti-mater, or have the ability to transform themselves into a substance that allows them to pass through objects (or have objects pass through them). Either way, major kudos go to the developers for being so insightful as to add this wondrous little detail to this game.

Hilarious Gaming Moments article

If only I had special powers like these two. Life would be so much easier…

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