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History of Ninja Gaiden

History of Ninja Gaiden article

By Nathan Meunier

Ninpo magic also has stunning new effects. In one instance, Ryu summons a mystic wind that acts like a blender, reducing the nearby assassins to a form of gross human puree. The same goes with large demons and other nasty things Ryu will ultimately rip to shreds. Also, slain bodies (and other assorted messy leftovers) don't immediately disappear. This affords players a moment to reflect with satisfaction on their handiwork. Those who crave over-the-top ninja carnage will be satisfied indeed.


The Final Word

Anxious players will not have much longer to wait to experience Ninja Gaiden II in its full glory. It continues the exciting evolution of the franchise with an unrivaled level of production and effort to make this the ultimate ninja gaming experience. Still, the future of Ninja Gaiden beyond the upcoming release is uncertain. In a recent interview, Itagaki indicated he does not plan to create any more Ninja Gaiden titles for any platform following the release of Ninja Gaiden II on Xbox 360 next month - he believes his team has created the definitive 3D game in the series. When players get a taste of it next month, they'll likely agree. However, will Itagaki have a change of heart or will someone else pick up the ninja torch in the future? Only time will tell. Until thengamers will have plenty of time to bow down at the bloody alter of this latest brutal masterpiece.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

History of Ninja Gaiden article

History of Ninja Gaiden article

History of Ninja Gaiden article

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