How Call of Duty Changed Multiplayer

How Call of Duty Changed Multiplayer

With all of these innovations, Modern Warfare basically rewrote the book on multiplayer FPS games. Yet Call of Duty is as responsible for the stagnation of the genre as it is for the advancement of it.

CoD has been so influential on the FPS that it's hard to imagine a multiplayer shooter without a level-up system or weapon customization. It's been done so many times now that it doesn't feel nearly as groundbreaking as it once did.

How Call of Duty Changed Multiplayer

Even worse, though, is that Call of Duty games require a certain mindset of their players. CoD's specific brand of Team Deathmatch keeps players focused on one stat only: the Kill/Death ratio. That's fine for the Call of Duty games; in fact, that's one thing that makes them so much fun. However, when you carry that mindset into other games, you begin to have problems.

Players now demand K/D ratios in their FPS games. Brink, for example, upset several players because it simply didn't provide K/D ratios. (Of course, Brink had several other problems as well, but the lack of K/D ratio was something that actually upset a lot of people.) Brink was a game that required teamwork for success. A high K/D ratio requires good solo play, and rewards players who break from the team to do their own thing.


Players are so used to playing FPS games a certain way that they expect other games to follow suit. This means that the multiplayer FPS revolves less around team strategy and more around lone wolves, snipers, and campers. Trying to get people to work together in competitive shooters is like pulling teeth.

Call of Duty has brought a lot of innovation and progression to the FPS genre, but it's also been a major contributor to its stagnation. Perhaps it's time for the CoD series to take a break and reexamine itself, and maybe even make some major changes again. It might be time for another Modern Warfare moment.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Editor/Contributing Writer

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