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Internet and Cell Phone Linked to Permanent Brain Damage. Online Thought-Controller Experiment Blamed. Several Companies Charged with Gross Negligence. by Cole Smith

Allegations have surfaced charging a consortium of video game developers with gross negligence after an experiment to collect data on test subjects for development of a thought-wave-controller went dangerously out of control.

Sounding like something from a science fiction movie, cathode-gamma waves used for collecting data on a mind-controller device have left numerous, innocent people with irreversible brain damage. What's more is that every home with an internet connection and cell phone is at risk. It can take up to four months for signs of symptoms to appear. Reports indicate this could reach epidemic proportions, affecting millions of people. Afflicted people will experience inexplicable frustration and anger, feelings of inferiority, forgetfulness, shyness, inability to pay attention for long periods of time, and extreme tiredness upon waking. Long-term exposure can cause irreparable brain damage.

Searching for new innovations in the gaming technology field, a group of video game developing companies has spent more than 250 million dollars to conduct research into a controller system that would be activated by brain waves. Dubbed the "mind-controller," this device would revolutionize the industry. The controller would respond to various brainwave functions to move onscreen characters and objects. Sam Bockspeil, spokesperson for the consortium, states that this technology has existed for years, but it's in the hands of the American military and highly classified. Insiders say it's also highly volatile.

Testing for this mind controller was conducted online where brain-scanning microwaves were sent over TV sets and PC monitors. These apparently harmless microwaves would scan brainwave functions of research subjects during gameplay, recording brainwave activities such as amplitudes and frequencies. The data is then transmitted back to the research center via dongles inserted into the USB ports. Test subjects used special electronic devices to receive these microwave signals and filter out the dangerous cathode-gamma ray carrier waves.

Internet & Cell Phones causing Brain Damage? article

Both types of waves are present on virtually all online systems, and the lethal cathode-gamma carrier waves can be unleashed on unsuspecting gamers by simply using a cell phone. The dangerous cathode-gamma rays interfere with normal brainwave patterns by destroying synapses in the brain with concentrated doses of radiation. As a cell phone makes a connection, it opens a channel for all of these waves to be received, but without the filtering device, the harmful cathode-gamma waves are also unleashed.

Reports of 36 cases of permanent brain damage and 424 cases of seizures, temporary memory loss, and signs of mental deterioration have also been alleged as a result of the unfiltered waves. In all cases, people lived in households that had a cell phone and internet connection.

Rose Fleetline, the mother of an affected son says, "It's just horrible to see what this has done to him. He's lost control of his bodily functions. He can't even go to school anymore. I can't leave him alone; he screams all day long and tries to eat the wood off of the floor. He's worse off than an animal."

Fredrick Marych, prosecutor for the state of New York claims, "This is going to be huge. In the next few days you will see this all over CNN and the rest of the networks. There's no telling how many people have been affected. It could be millions. Obviously everyone is being tight-lipped until the reports are made public because no one wants to point the blame at any company prematurely. I've could never imagine something like this ever happening."

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Writer

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