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Alone in the Dark Interview

Alone in the Dark Interview

Game Facts: Systems: X360, Wii, PS2, PC | Publisher: Atari
Developer: Eden Studios | Release Date: June 24, 2008

Interview with Emile Morel,
Game Designer of Alone in the Dark
by Adam Brown

May 27, 2007 - CheatCC recently attended the Alone in the Dark event in San Francisco, CA. During the event, we had the pleasure to meet some of the developers of the game. Want to know more about the upcoming Alone in the Dark video game? How does Emile Morel feel about a possible Uwe Boll film based on the upcoming Alone in the Dark game? Read our interview to find out this game designer's feelings about the situation.

EM: Emile Morel - Game Designer of Alone in the Dark
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: What effect, if any, has Phil Harrison had on this project?

EM: Well, he came very late on the project. As he himself said he can't really claim ownership of the project because he wasn't here the whole time. He really helped us when we started to present the project, showing it to journalists and things like that. He helped us focus on what he thought were really the best things in the game because we couldn't really see it after working four years on the project. You don't know what is good in it and what is bad. You actually think that everything is bad because you are seeing the game every day.

CCC: Why did you guys decide to set this game in modern day Central Park?

EM: We really wanted to immerse the player in the real world. We thought the game would be scarier if it took place in a real environment that everybody knew. That and because it is the last really scary place in New York. You don't want to go there at night. We also decided to make it take place in the modern day so people would relate more to the game and really feel like they could get involved with the story.

Alone in the Dark Interview

CCC: Will driving play a large roll in the gameplay?

EM: There are really scripted sequences of driving, but a lot of them are very different. They will all revolve around a different idea each time. Sometimes it will be a monster chasing you; sometimes your surroundings are exploding around you; stuff like that. You will also use the cars just to drive around at some points like you would do in a GTA game. When you are exploring the park, you can use any car. You can use them to move around faster but they can also be a very good weapon to smash your enemies with. You can also make them explode when close to a group of enemies to take them out.

Alone in the Dark Interview

CCC: What kind of things will the "Real World Rules" allow players to do that weren't previously possible?

EM: The most obvious one is clearly to take a chair, light it in a source of fire, and use it as a torch or a way to light your environment. You can do all sorts of very simple things like smashing a door with an extinguisher or with a trashcan. During the focus tests on the game, it was very hard for the testers sometimes just to find the right solution to some things. They would come into a room with a locked door and couldn't open it. We were always telling them: what would you do in real life? They would say I'd just grab the trashcan and break down the door. Well, you can also do it in the game.

CCC: Besides the weapons that you can make on the fly using the Real World Rules, what kind of basic weapons can we expect in Alone in the Dark?

EM: You will have different types of guns, but they're not that efficient on monsters. We really wanted the player to make his own weapons. You will have your gun but it is used more to break things; its not going to be used to kill monsters. If you want your gun to be a good weapon to kill monsters, you will have to make flammable bullets by pouring alcohol on them. Then you will have more efficient bullets. But you will also find really cool weapons like all sorts of swords that can be used.

Alone in the Dark Interview

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