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Alone in the Dark Interview

Alone in the Dark Interview

EM: Emile Morel - Game Designer of Alone in the Dark
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: The inventory system in the game is fairly unique, using the main character's jacket as a mobile carrying case. How many items will you be able to carry in Carnby's jacket at one time?

EM: It is limited, but when your inventory is full it means that you really have all the necessary stuff on you. We have specific slots for each item so you can't have like ten bottles, you can only have four. You will always have enough of everything to get through each sequence though.


CCC: What was the main reasoning behind the episodic approach that has been taken with this game?

EM: Well the main reason was that we didn't think that the movie narrative structure was really adapted well to video games. People always say that video games should be like movies, but the problem is that a video game is like ten hours long and a movie is only about two. We really wanted to tell a story that was more adapted to a ten-hour experience. We were also thinking about people who didn't have much time to play, say only for like fourteen minutes at a time. We wanted to the player to be able to get a full experience and still know what was going on even with limited playing time. This game also started development during a period when 24 was really successful and Lost just came out. We were all watching these shows and we were just thinking that would be perfect for a game.

Alone in the Dark Interview

CCC: What kind of differences can we expect from the several different versions of this game?

EM: Basically the next generation versions of the game (PS3, Xbox 360, and PC) will all be the same content, exactly the same. For the Wii and PS2 versions it is not the same studio that develops it. They decided to keep the same story, but they had to make some changes. You just couldn't do all the things that you can do on the next generation systems. They just tried to keep the game as good as possible. There were just too many technical challenges they couldn't get over. So the story is almost the same but some gameplay elements are a bit different. The big difference of course with the Wii version is the controls. They really spent a lot of time working on the controls, and Alone in the Dark is a perfect game for the Wii since you can move objects around your head and things like that. So it is working well on the Wii.

CCC: I heard the Wii and PS2 versions were using the same engine, just scaled back a bit. Is this true?

EM: That is true, especially with the physics. I know because I've been working a lot with the physics programmers on this project. They used a lot of our stuff and tried to get it as close as they could get it. I think they've done a very good job of this.

Alone in the Dark Interview

CCC: Is there any downloadable content or a demo planned for this game?

EM: We can't really talk about that yet.

CCC: Last but not least, please tell me there aren't any plans in the works for an Uwe Boll directed film based on this new title.

EM: I'm afraid there are. He wants to. It was the worst news we heard while working on this project, hearing that this guy wanted to make a movie based on our game. But it may be funny; we will all go to the movie theater and have a good laugh. Maybe he'll do a good movie someday. Maybe it will be this one.

Alone in the Dark Interview

CCC: Is it official that the movie will be based on this game or just on the franchise?

EM: No, he's just talking a lot. In an interview I guess he said he was planning on doing another Alone in the Dark movie; that is for sure, and maybe it would be based on this game. We really don't care that much about it, it's not our problem.

By Adam Brown
CCC Game Journalist

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