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Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Dragon Age: Origins Interview

MD: Mark Darrah - Executive Producer of Dragon Age: Origins
ML: Mike Laidlaw - Lead Designer of Dragon Age: Origins
RM: Ray Muzyka - Co-founder and CEO of BioWare Corp.
GZ: Greg Zeschuk - Co-founder and VP of BioWare Corp.
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CCC: Have you been getting a bigger marketing push from EA now that so many other games have slipped out of the year?

ML: I'm not sure if it's a bigger push. It was always getting a big push. It's pretty unique amongst the games coming out this fall. There are obviously some huge heavy hitters, but there's nothing like Dragon Age. There are a lot of people who like this kind of game, and we're pretty good at getting their attention, but we're trying to break beyond that core and make a clear callout to the folks that love stories, like the intrigue, and like the characters and the kind of stuff we have.


CCC: Players certainly don't have another option this fall for a game with this kind of scale.

RM: We're biased, but we think we've got a great value here. This is the start of a platform for us, a long-term commitment. This is a single-player game, focused on the narrative of your personal journey, but we want to do online features, so we've got things like the user-content creation tools, the social networking site, the sharing of heroic achievements with your friends, and all the other follow-on content. Players are going to leave extremely happy.

By J. Matthew Zoss
CCC Journalist

Look for our upcoming hands-on preview in the next couple of weeks to find out even more about this massive title!

Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Dragon Age: Origins Interview

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