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CCC Interview: Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero 2 interview

CCC: How many guitars do you sell in relation to the game? We'd expect a 1:1 ratio, but is that the case?

Ted: For the most part that is the case. We see a lot of people buying the bundle and an extra guitar for multiplayer, but we also have seen fans of Guitar Hero just picking up the software since they had already purchased two guitars for the original.

CCC: Is there a market for more diverse music such as blues, country, classical, jazz etc in terms of expansion disks or downloads?

Ted: I hope so. Im a big fan of Jazz and Classical guitar. Some of the most skilled guitar players have come from those two groups. Really if you think about it, Metal came from Classical guitar so it would be just as hard to play in-game as far as difficulty goes. If there is a demand for these genres we would gladly introduce them into the series.

Guitar Hero 2 screenshot

CCC: Any plans for either first or third party guitars modeled after other guitars? Fender Strat?

Ted: We are always looking into all possibilities, but for right now Gibson has been great to us and they have so many great shapes that we should be good for quite a while.

CCC: We're looking extremely forward to the X360 version. Would PS2 owners who already own the game, have any reason to purchase it for the X360?

Ted: We are bundling the 360 version with an all new X-Plorer shaped guitar controller. We will also be having downloadable content which we are really excited about. We see a lot of great possibilities with Xbox Live and plan to use it to its fullest.

Guitar Hero 2 screenshot

CCC: Any plans for a Guitar Hero III contest to showcase new talent?

Ted: Anything is possible, but who knows, we may run another Be a Guitar Hero contest. We have a lot of ideas so youll just have to wait and see.

CCC: Finally, at any time during the development did you get to meet Buckethead? He's a little odd, isn't he?

Ted: I never got a chance to meet him. I did listen to a few of his voicemails though. Hes a very soft spoken guy. Marcus Henderson (guitarist for Wavegroup and our in house rock-sultant) did most of the communicating with Buckethead and said that he never had spoken to such a nice guy. Bucket mainly talked about how he was excited how this game was getting kids into music and musicianship. Its something that is needed especially since most schools have taken music class off the curriculum.

CCC: Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us Ted.

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