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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Interview

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Interview

JC: Jody Coglianese - Producer of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: Will we be getting more Aerosmith and / or non-Aerosmith songs in the future through downloadable content (DLC)?

JC: Unfortunately, when we set out to do the game, the plan was to never do DLC. It was strictly a timing issue. We did cover from the very first album to present day. If they do happen to do any additional songs, perhaps it will be DLC for a future Guitar Hero. There is definitely not any DLC for this game.


CCC: Will there be any boss battles in the game, like the ones seen in Guitar Hero III?

JC: There is one boss battle, and it is something that if you get stuck on, you can pass it. You don't have to actually beat it to progress through the game. You may encounter, I don't know, maybe Joe Perry. I'm just going to throw that out there. Maybe, I don't know. (Heavy Sarcasm).

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Interview

CCC: Will there be any new features or gameplay elements that haven't been seen in a Guitar Hero before?

JC: The progression, the animation system, [and] the camera system are all new. In Guitar Hero III there were certain songs that you had to play co-op to unlock. We don't have that this time because we had a lot of complaints about it. For quick play and multiplayer, you start out with the first two tiers unlocked, and to get additional songs you will need to play through the career mode by yourself. So, that way it doesn't rely on having that second player there to unlock them.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Interview

CCC: What was your favorite part of working on this title?

JC: I think working with the band. They pushed us and helped us make a better game. Obviously, they know the band better than anyone else, and to get their approval and feedback was just awesome. They were really stoked about the game, and I hope everyone else out there is too.

CCC: Lastly, what is your favorite song to play in the game?

JC: My favorite probably has to be Dream On. Partially because this is one of the songs that they didn't have the master track for and had to rerecord, and it sounds just like the original recording. So, that to me is amazing. We also have some good moves in Dream On. We have Joe Perry and Steven Tyler coming together and interacting with one another on the stage. I like it, but it is distracting. I'll be playing the game, and since it is a new interaction, I get distracted by it. Just that song in general and the chords feel really good. I like it and get excited when I beat it.

By Adam Brown
CCC Game Journalist

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