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CCC Interview: Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy interview

CCC: Please explain how creatures throughout the trilogy will play a role in Lego Star Wars.

David: We’ve added a lot more interactivity with creatures in each level – you can get on and off of them at will in levels that would have been only on foot in the first game. You can look forward to Tauntauns, Banthas and Dewbacks, all of which you can ride around on. And of course there are loads of other beasts you can’t ride, but certainly have to contend with. Watch out for the Banthas. They leave you a little LEGO present!

CCC Interview Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy

CCC: What is some of the exclusive content and options available on the PSP that you can’t get on the consoles?

David: The PSP version of LEGO Star Wars II has the same levels and gameplay as the console versions, plus a few exclusive features. We have something called Challenge Mode that allows you unlock 18 characters from the original game (which wasn’t available on PSP) by collecting different pieces of them spread throughout a level. Once you’ve collected all five pieces, you can purchase a character like Darth Maul or General Grievous for use in Free Play.


We’ve also got “The Story So Far,” which recaps the events of Episodes I, II and III in three LEGO-style mini-movies, and you can even replay the final boss battles of each episode from the first game on your PSP for the first time.

CCC: Which is the coolest character-specific attack for you guys? Which is the funniest?

David: Leia’s slap and Chewie’s ripping arms out of sockets are two of the favorites around here. The Emperor’s Force lightning and Obi-Wan’s Jedi mind trick are both very cool too.

CCC: In a June release, developers mentioned the ability to take a speeder through a car-wash before selling it to a Jawa. What are some other “out-of-place” pieces that weren’t necessarily in the source material but were added for fun or to enhance the gameplay?

David: Stormtroopers in a hot tub…need I say more?

CCC Interview Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy

CCC: Many of the best Star Wars games have either taken place in the expanded universe of Star Wars or were given their own timeframe independent of the six films. Any chance we may see some of the expanded Star Wars universe given the Lego treatment in the future?

David: We don’t have any plans right now for other LEGO games. But you never know! How about a LEGO Willow? Just kidding!

CCC: Thanks David!

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