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Mo-cap Interview with Reuben Langdon

Mo-cap Interview with Reuben Langdon

RL: Reuben Langdon - Motion Capture Reinassance Man
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: So far, what has your favorite gaming-related acting role been and what kinds of related roles would you like to take on in the future?

RL: Well, that has to have been Dante for sure, he was Fun! Not to say that the others weren't. It's just that Dante is such a silly, over-the-top character, with little or no rules. Chicks dig him, and he has a big-ass sword and two awesome guns. Who would not want to be Dante? Recently, I've had the opportunity to play a few bad-guy roles. This is fun, and I hope I get the opportunity to play some more. Like Dante, bad-guys have no rules. Not only that, producers and directors give you more freedom when playing the bad-guy as well; there is more room to play, and add in little things here and there - all you have to be is a good bad-guy! That's fun!


CCC: How do you see mocap technology continuing to evolve and change the way people enjoy video games?

RL: I think Motion Capture and/or 3D CGI environments will be taking over both games and films. With Motion Capture technology we now can let the director work with a 3D format and put the camera anywhere he/she wants.

Mo-cap Interview with Reuben Langdon

It won't be long before we put the audience in the director's chair - meaning that all entertainment media, both games and movies, will be in 3D. But not the 3D here you sit in a theater and wear the glasses - I'm talkin' full 3D, like Star Trek holo-deck kinda stuff. The principles behind the technology are there, they exist! It's just a matter of refining it and making it cheap enough for the masses. Maybe, in the future, we'll all have them in our homes and download different scenarios. What scenario would you want to play?

CCC: Mmm... We'll have to think about that. Thank you so much for your time!

RL: My pleasure, anytime.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

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