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CCC Interview: Scarface: The World Is Yours

Scarface: The World Is Yours interview

CCC's Vaughn Smith asks first, shoots much later in this one on one interview with Radical, the developer of Scarface: The World Is Yours.

CCC: Out of the 7 words you can't say on TV (George Carlin bit) are there any missing from the ingame dialogue? Any F sharp count in the game? We're betting it's around 10,000 (give or take a few thousand).

Radical: We could safely expand Carlin’s list I think. His list included Sxxx, Pxxx, Fxxx, Cxxx, Cxxxxxxxxx, Mxxxxxxxxxxx and Txxx. The official F- bomb count in the game is around 6,000… but really, I guess it depends on how many times you use the “Taunt” button, AKA, the “F-You Button.” We use all of Carlin’s words and many more. In fact, many expansions of this list we kind of invented as we went along, like sxxx-taster and dxxx-lxxxxx. It’s all about context and our actors really enjoyed saying all that aggressive dialogue. They felt liberated and many of them said it was better than therapy. (Editor’s note: I don’t know why I even asked this question, as I knew I’d have to bleep everything out…)

CCC Interview Radical – Scarface: The World Is Yours

CCC: How much did Radical's previous experience with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Simpson's Hit & Run (two award-winning titles), help in the creation of a game of this magnitude? Was there ever a time you thought Scarface just couldn't be done?

Radical: The challenges of an open, persistent world were being explored by both the Hulk and Scarface teams at Radical and that really helped resolve design and technical issues. The size and complexity of Scarface was incredibly daunting. The underlying architecture of the game has all these complex systems, all of which need to talk to each other to create a cohesive experience. The scary thing is that a lot of that doesn’t really come together until you’re nearing the finish line. Anyone who has ever built an open-world game will tell you that there are many times when you’re unsure if it’s all going to come together. The fact that it did is an amazing testament to the passion, dedication and creativity of the team.


CCC: One of the amazing things about Scarface: TWIY is the way you've completely captured Tony Montana to a tee - how exciting was that moment when Tony's ingame model was completed and you could then control one of the most magnetic film personalities of the 20th Century?

Radical: Some of us started swaggering around the office a bit more. And the hands waved around like Tony in meetings quite a bit. Once we realized we’d captured Tony, we knew we had the central ‘emotion engine’ for our game. It was incredibly exciting and rewarding to know that we were truly going to be able to let people experience being Tony Montana.

The combination of our sound-alike, Andre Sogliuzzo, with the in-game model, the motion-capture and animation that was created for the game was a great moment. When viewed in separation, the elements kind of worked out, but it’s only when they all came together that it felt truly complete. The voice helps you see his movements in a different way, and the movements help you to hear the performance in a different way. And Andre did such an amazing job with the voice-over, Scarface fans are going to feel like they are watching the one and only Tony Montana strut around. When the elements are all put together on-screen you can say without question, “That’s Tony f-ing Montana!”

CCC: Was there anyone on the Scarface team whom prior to working on Scarface: TWIY would never utter anything remotely obscene, but then after 3 years of development, turned into a foul-mouthed pirate?

Radical: No one was fully immune. Family dinners were shameful. I’m pretty sure everyone was a foul-mouthed pirate to begin with. Now everyone just has a considerably larger and more colorful lexicon with which to express themselves.

CCC: Since everyone loves cheats, codes and secrets, any cool codes or easter eggs you'd care to pass on to our readers, which will then be instantly ripped off and posted on every other website within seconds of being published?

Radical: No idea what you are talking about.

(Editor’s note: LIARS!!!)

CCC Interview Radical – Scarface: The World Is Yours

CCC: The actor that voices Tony Montana (Andre Sogliuzzo) is rumored to have been Al Pacino's driver and handpicked for the role by Pacino himself. Is this true?

Radical: Yes, Andre auditioned for the role around a year into production. We didn’t know anything about him at first, but when we heard his voice, we knew he was very good. We recorded around 100 different auditions for the role of Tony, and most of them were not good -- even though everyone thinks they can do a really good Tony Montana impersonation, it really isn’t true. You all suck. Really.

We worked our way down to a top three which we then sent to Al Pacino for his personal approval based solely on the voice work. Andre was the one who was picked. When we went down to LA to record with Andre, we got talking and it turns out that he was Al’s chauffer for quite some time, which was a complete surprise to everyone. This of course really paid off for his role as Tony, as spending so much time with Al really allowed him to know what was right and what was wrong in the vocal performance. He knows all his mannerisms and the dynamics of his personality inside out.

CCC: What percentage of game reviews will feature the catchphrase "Say Hello To My Little Friend" as the opening blurb for their Scarface review: 99.9% or 100%?

Radical: What will your opening blurb do to the average? I would guess a minimum of 50%.

CCC: We can’t, in good faith, use that line anymore. After playing the game and watching the movie again, we realize we aren’t worthy enough to have used it for our preview in the first place. We’re pretty sure that none of the other websites will realize this and will all think they’re being original. Thanks for your time!

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