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The Godfather II Interview

The Godfather II Interview

JW: Joel Wade - Senior Producer of The Godfather II
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: Recently, it was announced that a new multiplayer mode, Don Control, would be available via a free patch at launch. What does this new mode entail?

JW: It's pretty cool, and we're really excited we could offer it for free on day one. We wanted to try something new that would complement the concept of running a family, and pulling the strings from above just like the Don's View. Don Control is an optional mode where two Don's have a "sit down," decide on a wager of in-game money, and then command their teams from above. Someone once described it as being kind of like a real-time strategy game, but with real people. You view the game map from above and can direct your players by talking to them and placing virtual markers on the playing field. For example, a good Don can actually tag threats on the other team (like snipers), or mark a downed teammate that needs a medic right away. In addition, their team can capture don-gadgets that the Don can trigger... giving team members in the radius armored vests, more health, or even an offensive bomb that can be triggered remotely. Coordinated teamwork always dominates, but requires some discipline. A good Don can provide that... and can actually reward his winning teammates with a percentage of the cash at his discretion.

As I said we really hope the hardcore form their own "families" and start some serious competitions to see who the best of the best are.

CCC: On the subject of DLC, what kind of continued support can players expect for Godfather II?

JW: We have some maps and character downloads that we expect to release shortly, and are waiting to see how the community reacts to the new content (especially the Don Control mode).

The Godfather II Interview

CCC: In Godfather II the movie, the Corleones have a lot of dealings in Las Vegas, Miami, and Cuba. Will any of these locales be available? Is it something that may be fleshed out later in a massive DLC package similar to GTA IV: The Lost & Damned launched by Rockstar?

JW: Miami and Cuba play a major role for you, in addition to New York. While the game starts off in Cuba with Hyman Roth assembling the families and dividing up his businesses, you'll quickly return to New York to begin rebuilding the Corleone holdings there. From there, each of the cities unlocks in sequence, but they aren't completed... half way through the game you'll need to be managing your rackets and chasing down Made Men in all three cities at once. We spent a lot of effort making sure each of the cities had a unique feel - from wide-open Miami with all its water and bridges, to colonial-styled Cuba with its narrow streets and damage from the revolution.

CCC: The game takes place in the 1960s. How will this iconic decade be depicted in the game? Will I get to drive around in muscle cars and vintage, Cadillac-like automobiles? Are there any political overtones we'll need to keep an eye on?

JW: We had a lot of fun trying to capture the essence of the 60's and the cool, relatively unexplored aspects of that decade. We spent a lot of time trying to make all the small details feel authentic, and put you into that world... from the fashions, music, and cars all the way down to the side comments of pedestrians on the streets. One of the cool aspects of the Godfather fiction, especially for people who know their history, is how much was borrowed from real events of the era. We've taken that even further, exploring deeper ties about what was going on with the mob after the Cuban revolution, including some shady connections with the CIA.

The Godfather II Interview

CCC: Finally, what cheats, codes, tricks, hints, or tips can our readers take advantage of or put into play? Would you share some of them with us?

JW: A little planning will really help you dominate. Go after one crime ring at a time - they really are the key to the game - and look for the ones that will help you with your play style. If you own an entire crime ring, you'll get access to its in-game action perk. Like to run-and-gun? Go for the bulletproof vests at the diamond smuggling racket.

My favorite technique for weakening a family is to go after their Made Men. I'm probably a little sick in the head, but I enjoy taking out these guys that have been attacking my rackets personally. Do a few favors for people, find out where their Made Men hang out, and start taking them out one by one; they can't attack you when they're low on men.

Is a family too strong for you? Just like you, the rival families in the game can get those in-game perks when they own a complete crime ring. Bomb a racket in their crime ring to temporarily deny them those perks… And, of course, when you're ready, you can head for their compound to take them out for good. Show them you mean business!

By Jonathan Marx
CCC Editor / News Director

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