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Too Human Interview

Too Human Interview

DD: Dennis Dyack - Director of Too Human
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: It has been a long road indeed. How close is this game that I just played to the original PlayStation game you conceived all those years ago?

DD: Since it was on PlayStation? That's almost not even fair. The vision of the PS1 game was very, very different. We integrated a lot of Norse Mythology since then. I guess it changed when we started partnering with Microsoft. Every time you partner with a group, there's a unique sort of bond, where you create something as a collaboration.

When we started working with Microsoft, the whole idea of the hunting and gathering and the online play came together with the action components that we wanted to create. We didn't realize at the time how ambitious that was, but it's really created this unique fusion. So, Too Human is pretty much exactly as we first envisioned it when we started on the 360. We hit every mark; we told all the story we wanted; we integrated that with the audio.

The industry was really different back in the days of the original PlayStation. We thought that the game should be longer, we had all these stealth mechanics that we no longer believe in, and the game has changed really dramatically from when we first started.

CCC: I think that the biggest image problem for Too Human in the past is that we haven't been able to get a sense of the broader vision of the game. The narrow slice we saw in 2006 seemed to be in the same genre as God of War or Devil May Cry. How does the game open up and how is it structured?

DD: It's a hub-type structure. After you face the first level, there's a hub, and it connects to four worlds, plus cyberspaces related to those. So, when you replay the game, you get the same story and all that, but when you start to reach the higher levels, you'll want to get all the epic loot. You can use the hub and just jump to the different levels.

The setups will change, the enemies will change, so it'll become an exciting, different sort of challenge. The setups are randomized every time, so you're going to get something different every time you play. It's balanced well for co-op too. It'll balance to the level of the strongest player.

Too Human Interview

CCC: Will we see any local co-op, or is it strictly online?

DD: It'll be online only.

CCC: Now, I know you've historically been very challenging of the press…

DD: I like to think that I'm challenging of people in general. I think it's my personality.

CCC: Well, the press is how people come to know you, so I think that's what we tend to see.

DD: I'm not trying to challenge the press per se, it's just my nature to speak up if I see a problem, and offer some constructive criticism. It's not just the press, it's a bunch of things that I talk about.

CCC: Sure, I understand. I'm particularly interested to ask you about something you said in a recent interview that I think needs some clarifying, though. It sounded like you were very concerned with previews taking a judgmental tone. Don't you think previews are by nature editorial opinion pieces?

DD: Well, that issue really comes down to communication. We're in a transition state, and we have a perception of how things should be done that is different from the press, and things are constantly in flux. There has been some miscommunication there with both myself and with Microsoft. It's a long discussion, but I see a very strange oscillation that occurs with hype.

Too Human Interview

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