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Too Human Interview

Too Human Interview

DD: Dennis Dyack - Director of Too Human
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: Do you think there's a momentum to the buzz a game generates that affects how the press covers it?

DD: Just as an example: I saw a preview recently - and I won't say where - that said something like "I can pretty much guarantee that this will surpass everyone's expectations when it's released." That sort of hyperbole can't possibly be true - and it goes the other way too.

Just to be clear, I think previews should be done when the game is finished. I've said that before. Any criticism at that point is fine. The real problem I have doesn't lie with the press, but with the publishers and distributors. You guys can be as critical as you want, but when we're not there yet, we get caught in the middle. Anyway, that's enough of that.

CCC: Sure, let's get back to Too Human. What aspect of the game do you think you're proudest of?

DD: The depth and complexity is much deeper than just the surface view.

CCC: When you refer to the depth, what do you mean? The combat, the character development?

DD: It's the fusion of both of those. You've got these RPG elements and all these twitch factors. You see a lot of comments where people say "It's not very deep; just use the right analog stick," and those people missed it. If you don't juggle; if you don't prioritize your targets; if you don't figure out that if you use a double-stick attack, it does triple damage on shields, you aren't going see the game for what it is. As you get into it, you'll understand how air combat raises your hit counter, and then how that affects your cybernetics… These are all questions that aren't even being asked yet, and I think that needs to travel through word of mouth.

Too Human Interview

CCC: So, obviously someone can play like a scrub and not appreciate the game. What are you doing to encourage players to actually explore Too Human's depth?

DD: You'll die a lot if you don't. There's an economy and a combo meter, and when your combo meter goes up, you'll attack faster, slide farther, hit harder, get more ruiners, and more experience. It's all a balance between trading that off and using the smart bombs or ruiners to clear the area to keep from dying and losing it all. When you play as the Berserker, you can get to combo level 4 very easily. When you start sliding around with that character, it's like a flash. It's so intense, but it's not apparent on the surface.

Because there's really been no game like this, I just think we need the word of mouth. People keep asking why there aren't more tutorials or more in the manual. There's just too much to even put in the manual. There's not much we can do.

CCC: So, I think some of Cheat Code Central's readers would like to hear a bit about any plans you have for codes or secrets in the game.

DD: There will be plenty to find. We put a few Easter eggs in the demo and people have figured them all out already. I thought it would take a couple weeks, but they figured them out within a day. I guess I should have expected it after someone decoded Heimdall's glasses on by freezing the screen and translating all the ruins. There are a lot of secrets in the game, and plenty to explore. There's some really good epic loot to find.

Too Human Interview

CCC: With such a long story behind the development, what was the hardest learned lesson?

DD: Jeez, I don't know. It's hard to go back in time. We're trying to change it now, but I realized that the way games are presented to the public really needs to change.

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