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Too Human Interview

Too Human Interview

DD: Dennis Dyack - Director of Too Human
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: So, more regrets from a public relations perspective than development, then?

DD: Oh, there are all kinds of things. The litigation is out there, so obviously people know we're really unhappy about choosing Unreal Engine. That was a huge mistake. What we were sold and what we got were completely different. I think it'll be easier for me to answer this in a couple months when the development is over and I can decompress and reflect on the whole thing.

All that really matters in the end is not how we got there, but what we end up with. We're all really proud of the game and how it plays. We at Silicon Knights don't want to be pigeon-holed into a certain type of game. Legacy of Kain was very different from Eternal Darkness, which was very different from Twin Snakes, which is nothing like Too Human. We don't want to be known for one type of game. Before Too Human came out, people said "They can do horror games," and before that, it was "They can do action-adventures." Now people are going to look at us for RPGs. All we want to be known for is good games, and tackle any genre we want to.

CCC: Or, better yet, abandon genres altogether.

DD: And I think Too Human is a genre-bender. It's hard to classify, but I'm really happy with the result. The feedback from the demo has been really reassuring; getting the game into people's hands and hearing what they think.

We've gotten some interesting exposure here at E3. E3 has changed, and now you guys have more time to really talk to people and get in-depth. Now you can talk to people. You and I can have this conversation, when before we could maybe talk to a few people. I think the new format is great.

Too Human Interview

CCC: Now, before I leave, I have to ask about the future. You're still planning for Too Human to be a trilogy, right?

DD: That's right.

CCC: You're not a company that has ever been big on sequels. There were some Legacy of Kain sequels, but, of course, that wasn't you. Is it going to be tough for you to wrap up Too Human and jump right back in and do another?

DD: No, no. It's been planned as a trilogy, and I see a difference between that and an ordinary sequel. I know that's debated, because some games will just have sequels and when they reach the third game, marketing will call it a "trilogy." But our story has been set to be three parts, it'll have a conclusion at the end of the third, and that will be it. There's a beginning, middle, and end; discovery, revenge, and enlightenment. It's all planned and written, and it won't be renewed for a fourth season.

CCC: To my knowledge, no series of full-length, full-priced games planned as trilogy from the start has ever seen the release of its third game. Are you worried about being the one to break that curse?

DD: No, not really. There are many different reasons why a series doesn't get completed. At the end of the day, we're all big believers in this franchise, and we have our minds made up that it'll get done.

Too Human Interview

CCC: Are the later parts going to be similar to this, or are we going to see a major shift from game to game?

DD: They'll be very similar. You'll even be able to carry your character right over. It'll be the same core type of game. We're going to enhance it a lot, of course, but the goal is to keep it as one vision.

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