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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

PW: Pete Wanat - Executive Producer of Wanted: Weapons of Fate
NT: Nick Torchia - Producer of Wanted: Weapons of Fate
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: CCC: You said ten years on the PS3?

PW: I hope it's that long! The bottom-line is we got this rush in console systems long before we needed it. If you don't believe me, look at how awesome and how well the PS2 is still holding up, and how the PS2 is still the largest, what is it, the most console units since the SNES? I think we rushed into this next generation too soon for game makers. If you want great games, you need to keep those consoles around longer.

CCC: Why make the game's story as a follow-up to the movies? Will the plot of the game affect future movies?

NT: We cleared a lot of stuff with the development team, and we didn't want to step on their toes. They gave us their blessing. If they want to do something for a sequel, we'll be right there telling them what we'd like to do and making sure it's cohesive.


CCC: You guys worked with Mark Millar [author of the Wanted comic book, on which the movie was loosely based]. What was that like, having input from somebody who did an original work that got twisted and changed a lot for a movie?

NT: Mark Millar was fine with that; he approved the script and he loved the direction. There's this whole big thing, like, "Oh, he probably blah blah blah," but no, he was fine. He didn't mind the direction they were going with.

CCC: Did his input change what you guys were doing at all?

NT: No, not really. He was just very helpful and gave us ideas.

CCC: Did you consider using the comic book as more of a visual influence than it ended up being? The game is very realistic-looking.

NT: No, from an artistic standpoint, we never thought to do it like a comic.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Interview

CCC: Let's talk guns. Obviously, with Wesley Gibson [Wanted's protagonist], pistols are a big deal, because that's how he curves bullets. Playing through the first few levels, I see that there's also a sniper rifle and a turret. Are there other weapons people can look forward to?

NT: For one, there's the dual pistols. They're great, and the dual Mac-10 Uzis are neat. They can shoot a barrage of bullets that explode and kill lots of stuff in the circumference. That's kind of our grenade. We didn't mess around with having an icon and moving it around on the ground and throwing the grenade.

CCC: Wanted is a little like a stealth game, because you're sneaking up on people a lot. Were there any titles in that genre that influenced you?

NT: Not really. We kind of used it as an alternate way of killing guys. One of the interesting things about Wanted is that there are various ways of playing the game. Some players are very run-and-gun, and some players are a little more strategic, using the cover and a lot of blind fire. So, there's definitely various layers that come in, and you can use different things. We added the sneaking around, stabbing over and around objects, as almost like a bonus.

CCC: What was the motivation behind having so many playable characters?

NT: There are about eight or ten of them. It's just for cool replayability, because playing as different characters is really neat from an aesthetic point of view. People also talk about unlocking different characters they like.

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