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Wii Sports Resort Interview

Wii Sports Resort Interview

BT: Bill Trinen - Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Wii Sports Resort
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: Do you worry that might frustrate casual gamers who just want to have the game and be able to play everything right away?

BT: No, I don't think so. When you start playing the game, all of the modes unlock relatively quickly, in terms of the core modes that you see on the menu. The hidden modes really are for people who are looking for more of a challenge. For example, if you look at the eleven-point match in table tennis, not only is it eleven points, but the ball speed is much faster. [Demonstrates on a nearby Wii.] That's a much more advanced mode.

Wii Sports Resort Interview

There's also an archery mode that takes the HUD and the zoom out, so essentially it's a lot more like realistic archery. It doesn't zoom in on the target for you. Those are modes that really aren't geared for people who are looking for a more casual experience; those are more for experienced gamers who are looking for something a little bit more in-depth.


CCC: What would you say are the games that best demonstrate what MotionPlus is capable of?

BT: Table tennis is really good, archery, and of course Frisbee. With Frisbee, you can really see not only how every angle is reflected-and you can see that here in table tennis as well, the way that it knows where your hand is in space. [Demonstrates.] Here, let me pop out to the Frisbee game-and I should mention that Frisbee golf is one of my favorite modes in here. [Shows how the onscreen character holds the Frisbee in the exact same way he does.] I can arc my throws. The thing that amazes me about it, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this again, but there's actually a way to throw it behind your back, and under your leg. I used to be able to do it. [Fails.]

Wii Sports Resort Interview

Wakeboarding is another one. It's really hard for some people to understand what the MotionPlus difference is. A lot of people have the impression that you're just pulling up in the air to do a trick. But in fact, the tricks are all based on the angle you're tilting at when you go off the wake. It's not as obvious, but there is some subtlety to that one as well.

CCC: One of the things a lot of people liked about the original Wii Sports was that you got a little bit of exercise while you were playing. Which games in Wii Sports Resort would you recommend for this?

BT: Swordplay, canoeing, and cycling in particular are very active. Power cruising and wakeboarding are really good workouts for your arms, as well. Another one I'm kind of a fan of is the three-on-three pickup basketball. That one has a really good feeling; you just dribble the ball and pass it around, it's really nice.

By Robert VerBruggen
CCC Game Journalist

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