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Killzone 2 Trailer Analysis

Killzone 2 Trailer Analysis article

July 12, 2007 - There's a lot to be said about a game that Sony will leave for the last minute of their conference. Some could say that they were putting all of their eggs in one basket by holding out on the trailer for Killzone 2, but I assure you that if you looked over our coverage of the Sony Conference then you know this not the case. In fact, this was only further icing on the Sony cake.

The trailer opens up on a bright setting, and by bright I mean that it is sunny outside, but with the looming music in the background, very reminiscent to another favorite of mine, Metal Gear Solid. Quickly you see the contrast of light and dark shifting as you are introduced in a "casual" manner to the squad you will no doubt be associated with. Just when things seem to be fine and well, one of you company air transports is taken out by lightning. This further draws you into the mysteries behind the game. To aid this, the clouds lift as your descent begins into, what else, a Killzone.

From here, you follow the rest of the trailer behind the eyes of one of those soldiers on the air transport. Even more rapidly than the light and dark contrast, you notice that the entire map that lies before is littered with potential hazards and misfortune awaiting you. As the camera pans around to show off the impressive graphics of the game, you are quickly sucked into the world. One notable shot was when the camera swoops up to the sky and through the clouds you can see the skies ripped apart by the lighting scouring the expanse.

Killzone 2 Trailer Analysis article

After receiving your orders, you and a comrade shuttle along in some brutal displays of carnage and bullet holes. The thing that impressed me the most about these shots were the fact that your rounds seemed to cause damage to everything. Now I know this is nothing new, but honestly to see the trailer and experience the apparently non-stop chaos enables you to forget all that has come before. We are also given a glimpse of our enemies in the game. Personally, I think they look like the hazmat team from Hades, which gives me even more reason to desire to gun them down. Through the gameplay footage montage, we are given a couple of offerings for what to expect as far as weaponry in the game. Of course, we will have our traditional automatic rifle, but I also spotted the usage of a rocket launcher and a sniper type weapon. At least we know we won't have to rely on just one type of weapon for eliminating the hazmat death squad. The trailer rounds out as impressive as it began only a whole lot louder with the constant firing of weapons from every direction.

Killzone 2 Trailer Analysis article

Sony made a nice move saving the Killzone 2 trailer for the end of their conference. This was a nice move because it ensured that people would be salivating for more info on this little gem, if they weren't already talking about the other great things discussed concerning the all to near future. Keep checking back to CheatCC, as we will have a full preview of the Killzone 2 very shortly on the site.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Project Coordinator


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