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Lost Odyssey Interview

Lost Odyssey Interview

HS: Hironobu Sakaguchi - Lost Odyssey Game Designer, Mistwalker
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: What can players expect from the battle system? Will there be new elements brought in to balance out the classic RPG turn-based gameplay?

HS: Gameplay will be turn-based RPG. However, new elements significantly affect the game balance, such as the ring system (a player is required to time their attacks precisely) and the protection wall system (where front guard is protecting rear guard). I put the highest priority on the A.I. of enemies, which made the system orthodox. Player have to make the most of their wits to defeat those enemies. However, the play does not require any tricky, weird action. It is more like a well-done puzzle which players can solve with logical thinking.

CCC: In what ways do you expect Lost Odyssey will reinforce and expand upon the RPG genre for long-time fans of classics like the Final Fantasy titles? How might it attract newer gaming audiences as well?

HS: This game is appealing to players' emotions even further. It has received a reputation as "the very first game that made me have tears in my eyes" from Japanese players. I was most pleased by that comment.

Lost Odyssey Interview

CCC: What form will character development take in terms of the selection of special abilities, leveling up, and player customization?

HS: The character development system differs between the immortal characters and others. By collecting materials and composing rings, a player can acquire skills to use as real time commands during battles. At the later stages, the player is also allowed to mix skill rings together to compose other skills, enabling them to choose a variety of attacks.

CCC: Can we expect to go toe-to-toe in some major slugfests? Can you give us some examples of different enemy types players will face? What about boss battles?

HS: There are many kinds of enemies. We have had created a variety of detailed motion data for each enemy.

Lost Odyssey Interview

CCC: Let's talk about length. How many hours on average will players be able to clock with Lost Odyssey while progressing through the game at a reasonable pace? Will there be branching story arcs, side quests, or other incentives for replay?

HS: According to Japanese players, it seems like the playtime should be around 70 hours, if you go through all storylines in addition to the main story. If you only play the main storyline, you will reach the ending in 35 to 40 hours. I recommend that the audience take the time to enjoy the 40 hour story with feeling sympathy for what the main character perceived in his 1,000 years life, rather than replaying the game again and again.

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