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CCC Attends Mario Kart Wii Driving School

CCC Attends the Mario Kart Wii Driving School

By Maria Montoro

We found the Wii Wheel to be amazingly good. You shouldn't worry about it for a second because, truth be told, it makes the game just as fun or more. It has a small learning curve, but practically anyone that gets their hands on the wheel will be able to race in no time. It might be, if anything, a little small for bigger hands, but it fits snugly around the Wii remote and all of the buttons are very accessible, making the gameplay absolutely intuitive.


Despite its many sweet new features, we didn't feel completely satisfied though. It seems as if the game might be missing out on some interesting options they could have added, like the ability to turn certain power-ups on and off. How fun would it be to challenge your friends to a red-and-green-shells-only competitions? Also, sometimes it'd be nice to get rid of the deadly and vengeful blue shell.

We weren't able to test the online mode, but we did see the available options. The online play will allow you to compete against up to 11 other players; however, only you and one more friend can race online using the same Wii. It'd be nice if it was four, instead of two. You can also race against a "ghost," which replays another player's previous performance in the specific track you're on.

CCC Attends the Mario Kart Wii Driving School article

The Battle Mode is not quite as entertaining and solid as it was on Double Dash. Hopefully there will be some interesting unlockables, but I'm not sure a new battle mode will be one of them. There are some cool stages from past Mario Kart games, but I will for sure miss Luigi's Mansion.

On the positive side, we can confirm the gameplay is solid, the Wii Wheel works great, riding motorcycles is really fun, and online play will be simply awesome. Another sweet addition to the game is the stats. You'll have a game profile that shows how many times you've won, your favorite character, etc.

CCC Attends the Mario Kart Wii Driving School article

All in all, we love the game, we enjoyed going to the event, and we can't wait to bring home the new baby along with a bunch of Wii Wheels. The party is on!

By Maria Montoro
CCC Site Director

Check out the list below to see if the Mario Kart Wii Driving Tour will be somewhere near you:

  • April 4-6 San Diego
  • April 11-13 Las Vegas
  • April 18-20 Denver (16th and Arapahoe)
  • April 24 Dallas
  • April 26-27 Houston
  • May 2-4 Chicago
  • May 8 Washington DC
  • May 10-11 Philadelphia
  • May 14-15 Boston
  • May 17-18 New Jersey
Find more location info on the Mario Kart Wii Official Website.

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