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Mario Goes Multiplatform

Mario Goes Multiplatform article

A crushing blow to Nintendo has occurred. The long time friend and mascot for their systems, Mario, has called it quits with his publisher. Complaining about equal rights and profit sharing, Mario and crew have severed their ties with the industry giant.

Nintendo had this to say about the split, "We are heartbroken that our relationship couldn't be mended. After all, we have been together so long it is hard to say what the future of the Nintendo Entertainment Systems will be after this devastating blow."

Mario's rebuttal to the softhearted comment Nintendo made was, "They are liars and cheats - worse than Bowser, King Koopa, whatever you want to call him. They have been holding money from us for years. If we had not been a continuous source of inspiration for their games, they would have gone bankrupt years ago. So, to all of the fans of our games, fret not. Now that we have severed our ties, we can focus on staring in good quality games and not the rehashed repeat formula we have had to do for years. For starters, no more Mario Kart - ever!"

So what does this mean when all is said and done? Well for starters, Super Mario Galaxy will no longer be exclusive to just the Wii. Though Mario is still allowing the Wii to carry the title, he has put the himself up for auction between Sony and Microsoft. "Whoever wins, we win," stated the brother of Mario - Luigi. The real concern is what this will mean for Nintendo's future. Losing their flagship character, among others, will potentially see Nintendo close its doors, and that would be crippling to the industry as a whole. We asked Sony how they felt about the announcement of the split and Super Mario Galaxy being up for grabs. This is what they had to say.

"It is very sad that this has happened to a leader in gaming. Sometimes these things happen and there is nothing that can be done about it. Moving on, so, did the brothers say when, where, and how much the starting bid was?"

Mario Goes Multiplatform article

Once we told them, they hung up on us and we have not been able to get a hold of them since. We even contacted Microsoft about the Mario-Nintendo split and what they said actually surprised us, "Who's Nintendo?" When we tired to explain who they were and what had happened this morning, the automated operator came on a continuous loop saying to press one if you want to sell your soul to Bill Gates. Not sure what that means.

It has been an earth shaking morning for Nintendo fans all across the globe. We can only hope that Mario and Nintendo will be able to resolve their issues and rejoin as one of the largest video game giants in the industry. Check back here to see how the story unfolds.

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