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Mass Effect Interview

Mass Effect Interview

Interview with Bioware, the developers of Mass Effect - by D'Marcus Beatty

November 14, 2007 - Mass Effect is definitely one of the most anticipated titles of the year. The combination of the Bioware pedigree, the incredible visuals, the much vaunted conversation system, and the galaxy spanning, sci-fi storyline has had gamers salivating since the game's announcement. With the game's release finally drawing near, we took one last opportunity to talk to the developers about the huge game.

BIO: Bioware, Mass Effect Developers
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: 1. The question on most gamers' minds about Mass Effect is the game's length. How long is the playthrough without side quests or distractions?

BIO: Without playing any of the side quests or exploring any part of the galaxy outside the core storyline, you could probably finish the game in about 20 hours. If you tried to do absolutely everything, you could be looking at anywhere from 50 to 60 hours.

CCC: 2. How much replayability is there?

BIO: The short answer is: a lot! Much of how the story unfolds is based on the different choices you make throughout the game, which includes everything from how you customize your character to which relationships you choose to form to the dialogue choices you make. Many situations have multiple outcomes so you could really have a different experience every single time you played.

Mass Effect Interview

CCC: 3. Are there any minigames like in Knights of the Old Republic or Jade Empire? If so, what kind?

BIO: There are a few, such as the gambling machines in the back of a bar. There are also some fun things to do with the vehicle on Uncharted Worlds.

CCC: 4. How many locations are there to visit?

BIO: There are literally hundreds of points in space that you can travel to including planets, asteroids, and space stations. You can scan these locations and obtain information, and in some cases you can explore them on foot. Some of these places include other locations like military installations or underground caves.

Mass Effect Interview

CCC: 5. How many locations are essential to the storyline?

BIO: One way to look at it though would be to say that the core storyline would be about 20 hours worth of gameplay, and takes you to around 6 different planets in addition to the Citadel space station and the Normandy (your starship).

CCC: 6. How soon can we expect downloadable content for Mass Effect?

BIO: We have a really cool plan for downloadable content, but we haven't announced anything just yet.

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