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There are a lot of things that can be said about the Metal Gear series - emotionally moving, movie quality storytelling, and it delivers one of the most badass characters in gaming history. However, there is only one word even diehard fans have to use to sum up the world of Solid Snake and company: Confusing.

It's so confusing in fact, sometimes even I have to bring out the flows charts in order to fully explain everything to people. Instead of creating further stockpiles of paperwork trying to explain everything, we've decided to deliver a comprehensive timeline for the events of the Metal Gear universe. Be warned though, you may still need your own flow chart!


193X - Last original member of Philosophers dies.
(Mentioned in MGS 2 by Ocelot, later fully revealed in MGS3: Snake Eater - PS2, 2004)

1964 - Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. After the mission, Naked Snake is awarded the title "Big Boss."
(Happened in MGS 3: Snake Eater - PS2, 2004)

1970 - Major Zero disbands FOX Unit. Big Boss eventually wins the day. However, he also lays plans for the creation of "Outer Heaven."
(Seen in Metal Gear Portable Ops - PSP, 2006)

1971 - Big Boss establishes FOXHOUND.
(Takes place shortly after MGS Portable Ops - PSP, 2006)

1972 - Les Enfants Terribles Project gives birth to Sons of Big Boss.
(Explained in MGS2 by Liquid Snake - PS2, 2001, Xbox, 2002, and PS2, 2003)

Metal Gear - Cobra Unit

1995 - Outer Heaven revolts. Gray Fox's disappearance causes Big Boss to send in the rookie member of FOXHOUND, Solid Snake, to retrieve him. Big Boss is revealed to be the one behind the revolt of "Outer Heaven."
(Happened in Metal Gear - NES, 1987)

1999 - Zanzibar Land established. Solid Snake, following orders from the new commander of FOXHOUND, Colonel Roy Campbell, embarks on a rescue mission. Solid Snake retires to Alaska.
(Happened in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - MSX2 , 1990, Mobile, 2004 & MGS3: Subsistence - PS2, 2006)

2005 - The Shadow Moses Incident. FOXHOUND, now a rogue unit, captures Shadow Moses facility, demanding the remains of Big Boss. Roy Campbell calls Solid Snake out of retirement once again for a rescue operation. In the Darkness of Shadow, Moses becomes a non-fiction bestseller.
(Seen in MGS - PS, 1998)

2007 - Snake and Otacon sneak aboard a tanker ship carrying a new Metal Gear, Metal Gear Ray. USS Discovery sinks in Manhattan Bay. Solid Snake proclaimed dead. Construction on the Big Shell Disposal Facility commences.
(Seen in MGS2 - PS2, 2001, Xbox, 2002, and PS2, 2003)

2009 - The Big Shell incident: A group of terrorists called Dead Cell is lead by Solidus Snake, the third clone of Big Boss. Liquid Ocelot retrieves GW from Arsenal Gear.
(Happened in MGS2 - PS2, 2001)

20XX - Solid Snake returns to the battlefield as Old Snake to stop Liquid Ocelot. He will discover the secret behind the Patriots, and will face off against several new forms of Metal Gears.
(Will happen in MGS4: Guns of the Patriots - PS3, 2008)

Metal Gear - Cobra Unit

By Matthew Walker
CCC Project Coordinator

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