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Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they?

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

December 22, 2009 - Much like climate change, Modern Warfare fanboys, and Kanye West, the constant threat of game delays is a fear that every gamer must learn to live with. Titles can be put on hold, pushed back (or worse) seemingly at will, and since publishers and developers generally have a stranglehold on any public knowledge about about any given game at any given time, not knowing what the status of a seemingly dormant project is at least half the battle. Not to worry-CCC is here to help, providing a list of notable games that've gone AWOL to help ease the pain of the coming months, and possibly years, before their respective releases.

10. Beyond Good and Evil 2 (TBA; PS3 and Xbox 360 likely)

There's a lot of people that are just clamoring for the sequel to Beyond Good and Evil. The fans know it. Michael Ancel and his dev team at Ubisoft Montpelier know it. Ubisoft themselves seem…confused. They first 'unveiled' the game last year (at the Louvre, for some reason). This year, they released a teaser trailer with Jade and Pey'j a month before E3 in June, though the game was inexplicably absent from the show itself (aside from a poster for the original game being displayed, tauntingly, at Ubisoft's booth on the show floor).

By August, they said the game was official on-hold. Then it wasn't on-hold anymore. Now it's technically "in production," which could mean almost anything (this is after the North American president of Ubisoft basically said he didn't know if a sequel was actually in the works or not). So, is Beyond Good and Evil 2 real? It appears that way. When it may see the light of day, however, is another story. Better settle in for the long haul on this one.

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

9. Hydrophobia (Xbox 360)

Hydrophobia is a game you might get confused with WET, though the games are nothing alike. Unless, of course, you equate the adventures of a bitchy, gun-slinging, sword-wielding lady assassins with wading through the bowels of a leaky ship. Had you actually stumbled upon any of the scarce information there's been released about Hydrophobia the most likely thing you would probably remember would be water (hence the confusion with Bethesda's grindhouse shooter)-the game revolves around it. Realistic water physics, water buoyancy, filling and dispersing. The release date has been just as slippery as the subject matter: originally slated to release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime this year, it was subsequently turned into an episodic release game on XBL. As of October, said episodic release will eventually be released again as a full retail disc in Fall 2010. However, that announcement also said the first five-or-so-hour episode would be hitting Live later that month, though no such content has materialized. Sure, the plot-which involves a hydrophobic woman navigating a damaged a city-sized ocean liner after terrorists bomb it-sounds like it's been dredged up from some bad Metal Gear Solid fanfic, but the realistic fluid dynamics used in the game sound like it could be an interesting take on the adventure genre. The Xbox version, at least, appears to be on track for a "sometime in 2010" release, so keep your eyes peeled.

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

8. Sin and Punishment 2 (Wii)

With a projected pre-Christmas release, gamers everywhere were supposed to have been able to lament Sin and Punishment 2 as the latest in a string of commercially tragic hardcore niche flops for the Wii, a pain worsened by the incessantly joyous spirit of the holiday season. But delays are an inevitability in the game industry. As such, S&P2 is nowhere to be seen. Treasure's on-rails series doesn't have a good track record for releases in North America, anyway-after a bafflingly complete English localization, the original N64 Sin and Punishment never made it to U.S. shores until the Wii's virtual console release. Information on S&P2's impending drop date, on the other hand, generally pegs it as releasing sometime in Q1 2010 (though some claim it as far off as 2011, or even the no-time-zone TBA), but Nintendo's been officially quiet on the subject for some time. Maybe they're afraid of breaking precedent with the series? Let's hope we don't have to wait another five plus years to see this great twitch-shooter hit home.

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

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