Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer - All You Need To Know

Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer - All You Need To Know

Speaking of play styles; players will also be able to level their weapons in the same manner that they level their character. This option, called "weapon proficiency," will eventually allow the player to customize the way the gun acts, based on its level. So, if the player would like to create a gun with less recoil, or hold their breath with an assault rifle (instead of a sniper rifle), leveling a gun's proficiency will allow them to do so.

Also, as part of Infinity Ward's commitment to gunplay, Bowling and Condrey announced a couple more deletions that might come as a surprise.

  • Players will not be allowed to use shotguns as secondary weapons.
  • There is no tactical nuke killstreak reward.

    Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer - All You Need To Know

    These two decisions are guaranteed to be unpopular with the cheap players out here (you know who you are), but their votes shouldn't count anyway.

    Probably the largest overhaul was done to the killstreak reward system. "The previous killstreak system was based solely on KDR (kill/death ratio)," Mark Rubin explained. "It met one play style. It met one type of player." But Infinity Ward has done away with the old system, in a manner of speaking, and replaced it with a points-based system that rewards players equally for completing game-based objectives rather than simply racking up several kills in a row. Here are a few of the changes:

  • Players can earn points via kills, assists, or completing objectives.
  • Players must select which type of reward system they would like to use before entering the game. There are three such systems, called "Strike Packages."
  • The "Assault" Strike package works exactly the same as the former kill streak system; players earn rewards based on KDR.
  • The "Support" package is based on objectives and assists. When a player is killed when using this system, their rewards are not reset.
  • The "Specialist" Package allows players to unlock perks instead of receiving care packages.

    Lastly, Activision is rolling out a few new game modes with MW3, but they're not being entirely forthcoming on this topic. The only mode that they have officially announced is called "Kill Confirm," and it requires that players collect the dog tags from any recently-killed players in order to get the points. It sounds like an always-moving game mode inspired by the Headhunters mod from Quake 3.

    Also, Mark Rubin accidentally hinted at another new mode on Friday night, but was hesitant to give many details. This mode is called "Team Defender" and revolves around all the players on both teams chasing a single flag on the map.

    It's obvious that Activision has pulled out all of the stops for MW3, but we won't really understand the full depth of these changes (and any others) until the game is released in November.

    Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer - All You Need To Know

    But Modern Warfare 3 may have some stiff competition with Battlefield 3 hitting the market at the same time. Recently Frank Gibeau, EA's CEO, has been showing some aggression toward MW3:

    "We don't take things lightly," he said. "If we're going to go after a category, we intend to lead. We have a very big competitor there, but they're going to get some competition this Christmas for the first time in a long time."

    Hopefully this is just the type of motivation that Activision needs to deliver the Modern Warfare game that fans are hoping for.

    By Josh Engen
    CCC Contributing Writer

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