Modern Warfare – The Story So Far!

Modern Warfare – The Story So Far

Modern Warfare takes place five years later, after Zakhaev has been seen by many as a martyr, with a group of Russian Ultranationalists forming in his honor. (And those are the bad Russians.) After a bunch of people get shot and things get blown up—none of which impact the overall plot all that much—you take on the role of a U.S. spy who's wrapped up in a terrorist group. In a scene designed with the sole intent of creating controversy, you bust into a Russian airport, guns blazing, and mow down unarmed civilians. Of course, the terrorists have already figured out who you are, and they leave you in the airport with a head full of bullet holes. The authorities, somehow not being able to figure out that your dead body wasn't working alongside a Russian terrorist group, pin this airport massacre on the United States.

Modern Warfare – The Story So Far

At this point, instead of questioning the credibility of MW2's plot, the world questions the credibility of the U.S., while Russia launches a major attack against the States. Good old Soap, on the other hand, seems to be quite abreast of everything that's going on. (Perhaps because he has grown a mohawk.)

First and foremost, Soap has to rescue his best bud—and resident badass—Price from a Russian gulag, so Price can launch some nuclear missiles at the East Coast of the United States. (Wait, wasn't this the exact thing Soap and Price were trying to prevent in the climax of the first game? Trust me, it's probably best to not ask.) The nuke goes off in space, sending an EMP blast across the U.S. that disables pretty much all the electronics on the East Coast and kills a poor defenseless astronaut in the process. What have astronauts ever done to you, Price?

Soap and Price, with the help of Lt. General Shepherd, get some incriminating evidence that Vladimir Makarov is the mastermind behind this whole plot. But Shepherd betrays them and runs off with the evidence. Of course, Price knew Shepherd would betray them the whole time. (Sure you did, Price. Sure you did.) Soap and Price go after Shepherd to prevent him from telling the world a bunch of lies about what has happened so far and making himself into some sort of war hero.

The ultimate showdown takes place between the two badass Brits and Shepherd, cave man-style. Shepherd sticks a knife into Soap's chest, and Price takes on Shepherd with his bare hands. In a quick time event, Soap pulls the knife from his chest and throws it, scoring a brutal direct hit in Shepherd's eye.

At the end of Modern Warfare 2, Makarov is still on the loose and the U.S. is engulfed in an all-out war. Will Makarov be brought to justice? Will the war in the U.S. be brought to an end? What will become of Soap and Price? What plot holes will we uncover? We'll have to wait until November to find out.

By Joshua Wirtanen
CCC Editor/Contributing Writer

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