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Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 article

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC; BioWare, LucasArts, Electronic Arts; Spring 2011)

This is another MMO, but set in the Star Wars universe. It's in very much the same situation as Warhammer 40,000 Online: big existing fan base, but up against an MMO juggernaut in World of Warcraft. However, with BioWare at the helm, responsible for numerous groundbreaking RPGs including the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, this one has a real chance of shaking up the MMO landscape.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 article - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fable III (PC, Xbox 360; Lionhead Studios, Microsoft; Oct. 31, 2010)

The Xbox 360 exclusive Fable II has an 89 rating on Metacritic, so the pressure is on for Lionhead Studios. They seem to have some innovative ideas; you can use your Fable II save data to affect the game world (your old character will serve as a "parent" to your new one if you so choose), and there will be some tweaks to the basic game mechanics. The story revolves around your hero, who is trying to get enough support to overthrow the king of Albion. You are tasked with overseeing your society (in a Sim City kind of way, with crime, taxes, war, etc.). If the developers don't botch it, they've got a sure hit on their hands.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 article - Fable III

Warhammer 40,000 Online (PC; Vigil Games, THQ; 2012)

Massively multiplayer online games appeal to only a small percentage of gamers, and most of those gamers have hardcore loyalties to World of Warcraft, but given the Warhammer series' fan base and the effort the developers are putting into this game, it has a shot at carving a spot for itself in the MMO landscape. The creators are probably about halfway through the development cycle, so the game should be taking shape, and they should have some news for us. Also, hopefully they'll give us a real title for this project, because the working one is terrible.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 article - Warhammer 40,000 Online

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS; Matrix Software, Square Enix; Oct. 5, 2010)

The Final Fantasy series has a rich history on handheld consoles that this game hopes to continue. The King of Horne has lost his daughter to a kidnapping and recruits a 14-year-old boy to fetch her. It's been out since October 2009 in Japan and has received moderate-to-positive reviews. It recreates the classic turn-based system, which old fans will remember fondly, though younger gamers and newcomers to the series might find it tedious. We're definitely looking forward to getting our hands on this blast from the past.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 article - Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

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