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Next-Gen Game Facelifts article

So how would one port this game over to the Wii? It would be all too simple. For fighting, you could use the Wii remote to click through your menu options and scroll through your Pokdex. This would actually be a real improvement over the time-consuming page-turning you were required to do in both the N64 versions. And the mini-game mode would be a wonderful facet to port over to the Wii. Now that Mario Party, Rayman, and Wario Ware have created a successful formula for mini-games on the Wii, all that would be required would be for those delightful Pokmon developers to think of Pokmon- centered games, and it would be more than simple to create a fun and memorable experience for gamers.

My N64 died only a few years ago. When it finally did give out, I was sad for a very long time. Not because I was terribly attached to it or because I didn't love my GameCube, but I knew that that was the last time I would ever be able to play Pokmon Stadium. If Nintendo could find it in their hearts to make another Pokmon game in the same vein as Stadium, it would really make my little Pok-heart happy.

Next-Gen Game Facelifts article

Jwan Jordan, Freelance Writer

Growing up as a gamer there are plenty of games that touched my heart as a child. Though, I'm sure I've played thousands of games from my innocent child hood to the over imaginative adult I am now, there are certain games or characters that stick to you so hard that you'd need an evil Optimus Prime to help you pull it off you. With the extreme advances in technology with things like, graphics, free roaming possibilities, and multiplayer features, there are games that I would love to see brought to a new generation system. One of the most memorable games from my childhood that should be recreated is The Battle Toads. The Battle Toads was developed by Rare in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It focused on three anamorphic toads whose goal was to defeat the evil Dark Queen who wants to destroy the world. The Battle Toads were not just humanoid Toads, no, these righteous dudes possessed the ability to transform their limbs into any weapon they desired. It wasn't unfamiliar for enemies to receive a hammer hand to the head literally, followed by a massive spiked boot. The NES version was known for it's extreme difficulty and for that reason I hated it, but the bizarre characters and levels that focused more on combat were fantastic and made me fall in love with the game.


The copyrights to Battle Toads are still currently owned by Rare and I would love for them to remake it. The Toads looked great in the NES and quarter arcade days, but I can only imagine how much greater they would look now. To see the Battle Toads with a fully polished, finely layered skin texture all the way down to the details of their toad like liver spots would add so much to the visuals. With the power of new generation systems, the combat animations could be amazingly fluent. The vehicle, puzzles, and speed based missions could be done away. I would love to see an almost traditional beat-em up experience with the battle toads. Of course, with the Battle Toads as the protagonist, it would be nothing short of exciting. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed and hope to the heavens that I can see the Battle Toads again but in a newer light.

Next-Gen Game Facelifts article

Pete Richards, Freelance Writer

While the series is no longer around, syndicated American Gladiators is still quite fun to watch. Those cheesy '80' s leotards. Funny nicknames. And women that could probably beat most men to a pulp.

Although there are no new episodes being made (at least to my knowledge) and it may not be completely realistic to revive a video game based on the show, it would be pretty cool to see it on a next-gen console.

Who hasn't dreamt about being Ice or Storm and running through the obstacles, all padded-up, while being shot at by Nerf balls?

During the height of American Gladiators' popularity in 1991, a game was adapted for the NES, Super NES, Genesis and Amiga systems by GameTek. In the game players had to compete in events featured on the show: Assault, Powerball, Human Cannonball, The Wall and of course the classic Joust tournament.

If you're not familiar with the show, joust involves swinging a giant Q-tip-like baton at your opponents head, chest or knees to knock him or her off a platform. Powerball involves running around a field putting balls into containers while trying not to get tackled by opponents. In Human Cannonball you must swing on a rope and gain enough force to knock a gladiator off a platform. The Wall involves climbing a wall and making it to the top while avoiding being hit by a gladiator. But possibly the most fun to play if they did bring this game to a next-gen console would be the Assault mode where the gladiator must run to the end of a course without being shot by a paintball-like gun by another gladiator. Or, alternately what could be fun is if the game would allow you to be the shooter and try to stop an opponent from reaching the end of the course.

Of course I figure the next-gen version could feature all events from the classic television show, and the console I really have in mind for the game is the Wii. Nintendo could revive the game with up-to-date graphics that take you right into the action, and using the Wii-mote for the gladiator challenges could be fun if done properly. Especially for the Joust tournament, which would involve swinging your mote around like a baton to knock over an opponent or block his strikes. Or for The Wall, which could involve an up-down motion with the Wii-mote while climbing and then a button tap to shoo away opponents.

Next-Gen Game Facelifts article

Even the late '80's imagery and cheesy music could be revived as a testament to the original American Gladiators TV show. Since the series is no longer in production, it might be kind of fun to base a game on the original series we all remember and probably liked at one point. It would definitely be the only one of its kind and, if done properly, could be quite fun for anyone who has thought about taking parts in the crazy gladiator events.

Philip Hanan, Freelance Writer

Wrecking Crew is one of those classic games that had a remake that didn't do it justice. I loved Wrecking Crew for its entertaining and repetitive gameplay. I've been thinking about what made it great and what makes the Wii great. I believe interactivity makes the Wii great and player decisions made Wrecking Crew great. There was hardly an order in Wrecking Crew. You could smash however you want in most stages. I always had my patterns that I followed and loved coming up with a strategy for each stage.

Wrecking Crew for Wii should reintroduce the classic wrecking experience with 3D visuals, new characters, and tasks. If you're going to follow the classic Mario Bros. story, then I say that Mario, Wario, Luigi, and Waluigi should have to destroy a number of castles that Bowser is building so they don't have anywhere to take the Princess if she was going to be kidnapped. Each building should be under direction of one of the koopa kids and each building should have multiple levels with a boss battle at the end of each building.

The main goal of each level would be to knock out everything you can, but perhaps a larger main goal could be inserted, such as setting off all the bombs or destroying bridges, etc. The destruction level could earn stars of different values and those stars could buy new equipment, such as stronger hammers.

Next-Gen Game Facelifts article

The gameplay itself would use the Wii-mote in some interesting ways. If you swing the Wii-mote like a hammer, then you will smash bricks. If you hold it sideways and chug it up and down, you can jack hammer through floors. Also, if you hold it sideways in front of dynamite, and use it like you're setting off a charge, then you can detonate. Maybe instead of bombs, you would have to link loose cable together in order to detonate some areas. Or maybe it could be an option and you could have limited sticks of dynamite.

Walking would be performed by using the Wii-mote's D pad, by climbing would be done by holding the Wii-mote sideways and angling it to the upper-left and upper-right as if you are actually reaching for one rung of the ladder at a time. Boss battles would involve trapping Koopa Kids or detonating them and whacking them with a hammer.

Normal enemies would include koopas, buzzy beetles, and bobombs. Hitting koopas would send them inside their shells and then you could use the Wii-mote to sideswipe them in order to send them out of your way. Buzzy Beetles would be unstoppable enemies you have to trap, and hitting bobombs will cause them to run around until they explode. They could be handy or deadly to you based upon the amount of room you have.

I don't know many Wrecking Crew fans exist now, but if I could, I would fund Nintendo to make this game immediately. I would also make certain that there were 4 unlockable characters for a multi-player mode, including Bowser, Sledgehammer Bro., Hammer Bro., and the Foreman. With the power of Wii, the late 00's could be Hammer Time all over again!

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