The Nintendo Cafe, Wii 2, or Whatever it's Called!

The Nintendo Cafe, Wii 2, or Whatever it's Called!


Nintendo's new console seems a lot more like a catch-up console than an all-out next generation console. The Wii is showing its age. When compared with its competitors, it's simply less powerful. Back in its heyday, it was its unique motion-based controller that made it so popular. Now that the PS3 has the Move and the 360 has the Kinect, the Wii no longer has a monopoly on motion-based controls. Nintendo needs a new console in order to merely keep up with its console brethren in the Microsoft and Sony camps.

The Nintendo Cafe, Wii 2, or Whatever it's Called!

What sorts of games will be available at launch? We can pretty much guarantee Nintendo's going to stick with its familiar cast of characters yet again. Since Skyward Sword will be out soon-ish, I doubt we'll see a Zelda title at launch. There will probably be something Mario-related, be it a Paper Mario, MarioKart, Mario Party, or a full-on Mario platformer. I'm personally crossing my fingers for a new Star Fox game, but I know better than to get my hopes too high. Super Smash Bros. would be another interesting launch title, and a new Animal Crossing game could help Nintendo maintain its family-friendly image.


Probably the most important question raised by the Café is this: will Nintendo's new console launch an entire new console generation? I think it will. I imagine the next Xbox (Xbox 720?) will be first, with the PS4 coming shortly thereafter. While the PS3 arguably has quite a bit of life left in it, the Xbox 360 is hitting its limits. And honestly, do you think Sony is going to just sit down and take all this "Nintendo's new console is more powerful than the PS3" business without a fight?

E3 is less than a month away now, and we'll have some more concrete information on this new console then.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Contributing Writer

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