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Nyko Accesories - A Bevy of Alternatives! article

By Jonathan Marx

July 24, 2008 - Recently, Cheat Code Central was sent a host of accessories from Nyko for each of the current generation consoles. We tooled around with these goods for quite awhile now and were pleasantly surprised with what we found. The accessories shipped to us included rechargeable battery systems for the Wii Balance Board and Xbox 360 controllers and a wireless controller and Nunchuk for the PS3 and Wii respectively. The best part of it all is that they sent us a matching set of all these products that you can win through an exclusive CheatCC contest! Thanks Nyko! - (Details at the end of this article)

Nyko "EnergyPak"
Rechargeable Battery Pack for Wii Balance Board

This solid accessory has everything going for it. It is easy to install and recharge, it is made from Li-Ion so it holds a charge for close to 30 hours, and synchs your Balance Board flawlessly to your Wii. This is a great alternative to standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries, as once it's installed you'll never have to fiddle with dead batteries and the resulting disposal issues.

The product comes with a streamlined A/C adaptor with ten feet of cord that is easily connected and charges the battery in just a couple hours. If you are one of the few fitness junkies that still exercises with WiiFit, or if you're waiting for Skate, the next Rabbids' title, or Shawn White Snowboarding, this is an excellent energy solution for your Wii Balance Board.

MSRP: $19.99

Score: 4.8 (Out of 5) - Must Buy

Nyko Accesories - A Bevy of Alternatives! article

Nyko "ChargeBase 360" Dual Port Charging System

This charging station is pretty slick! The package comes with two NiMH battery packs and two convenient recharging docks. The design of the charging station is fairly compact, and the seating of the controllers in the "Drop and Charge" cradles is perfect.

The battery packs last about 20 hours on a single charge, but even if it was shorter, it wouldn't matter much. That's because the ChargeBase functions like a console organizer; players simply drop the controllers onto the cradle after play and the station does the rest. That means the controllers will always be topped up and ready to rock.

Additionally, the ChargeBase has two LED lights that clearly indicate at what stage in the charging process the battery packs are at. The only problem we found with this entire rig is that of the aesthetics. While the charging unit is sleek, the battery packs do leave something to be desired.

First off, the packs are white. While this works well with earlier 360s, owners of the Elite version or those who picked up pink, blue, or black controllers separately will find the colors clash. Moreover, there are ridges on the back of the packs that aren't quite as attractive as they otherwise could be. Nevertheless, this is a great charging rig that should be useful for both energy and storage concerns.

MSRP: $29.99

Score: 4.0 (Out of 5) - Great

Nyko Accesories - A Bevy of Alternatives! article

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